US Commerce Secretary Lemond Warns China: Patience of US Businesses Wearing Thin

US Commerce Secretary Calls for Predictable Environment and Fair Play in US-China Relations By Reuters Staff WASHINGTON – In a recent interview broadcast on September 3, US Commerce Secretary Lemond expressed concerns over the deteriorating patience of American businesses operating in China. He emphasized the need for a predictable environment and a level playing field, […]

Nikkei Stock Average Declines as NTT’s Negative Turn Worsens Market Mood

Nikkei Stock Average Declines Further as NTT Turns Negative (Tokyo, 25th Reuters) – The Nikkei Stock Average continued to decline, reaching a low of around 190 yen at one point during the afternoon trading session. This renewed the earlier low for the day, causing concerns about the deteriorating market sentiment. A domestic securities firm analyst […]

Russian Lawyers Risking Their Lives to Defend Anti-War Activists

Title: Russian Lawyers Defend Rights Amidst Ukraine Conflict Subtitle: Young lawyers take up the challenge to protect individuals’ rights amidst a rising number of arrests and human rights violations in Russia during the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Sophia Gominova’s determination to become a lawyer solidified at the young age of 11. Born in post-Soviet Russia, […]

Rise in AI Chatbot Adoption Raises Concerns in Mental Health Sector

Increase in AI-Powered Chatbots in Mental Health Sector Raises Concerns Nicole Doyle, a mental health counselor, was shocked when she learned that the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) was replacing its helpline with a chatbot named “Tessa.” This adoption of AI-powered chatbots in the mental health sector is growing globally, despite concerns about data privacy […]

President Xi talks to Bill Gates, “I hope to continue the friendship between the people of China and the United States” | Reuters

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on June 16 that he hoped the friendship between the peoples of the two countries would continue, as the foundation of Sino-US relations lies in the private sector. FILE PHOTO: London, England February 2023. REUTERS/Justin Tallis [北京 16日 ロイター] – Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a meeting with Microsoft […]

Russian presidential office instructs officials to stop using iPhone = domestic newspaper | Reuters

Russia’s Kremlin has instructed officials to stop using Apple iPhones over concerns that they are open to Western intelligence agencies. The Russian newspaper Kommersant reported on the 20th. Taken in Moscow in 2016. (2023 REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev/File Photo) [モスクワ 20日 ロイター] – Russia’s Kremlin has instructed officials to stop using Apple iPhones over concerns that they […]

Resend-Mr. Trump resumes posting on FB and YouTube “I’m back” | Reuters

Former US President Trump said on March 17 that “I’m back” as his Facebook and YouTube accounts, which had been suspended following the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol, were lifted and resume posting them. The photo is from his YouTube account. (Reuters/Jim Bourg) (Add search code and resend) (Reuters) – Former US […]