Comprehensive 3 years battling pulmonary tuberculosis Yoo Hye-young and Na Han-il mentioned remarriage first, there is no way to break up Woo Divorce 2

Photo = TV Chosun ‘We Got Divorced 2’ video capture Hye-Young Yoo revealed that she was battling tuberculosis in the past. In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘We Got Divorced 2’ (hereinafter ‘We Got Married 2’), which was broadcast on the 20th, the story of Na Han-il and Yoo Hye-young living together in Gangwon-do continued. […]

Hyomin must know that she is a fairy… Let’s go landing with the weather fairy TEN★

(Photo = Hyomin’s SNS) Group T-ara member Hyomin showed off her fairy beauty. Hyomin posted several photos on her Instagram on the 18th with the caption, “Let’s go to Landing with the Weather Fairy (?)”. In the published photo, Hyomin wearing golf wear was put. In particular, Hyomin’s strong legs and fairy-like beauty, revealed through […]

Classy Classy’s world of eight colors of charm

‘Classy’s World’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) CLASS:y proved to be the leader of the next generation of K-pop idols with the first solo reality show ‘Classy’s World’. Classi (Myung Hyeong-seo, Yoon Chae-won, Hong Hye-joo, Kim Ri-won, Won Ji-min, Park Bo-eun, Kim Seon-yu) is the second episode of MBC’s ‘Classy’s World’ (MC Hwang-seong, Oh My […]

Jeonjin♥ Ryu Yiseo wearing a two-shot TEN, similar to an airline uniform

Shinhwa members Junjin and Ryu Yiseo shared their daily life. On the 16th, Liu Yi-seo posted a few photos on her Instagram with the caption, “I bought a jacket saying it’s pretty, but when I put it on, the color of our company uniform was very similar. In the published photo, Liu Yi-seo is wearing […]