Lee Seung-gi’s execution Lee Yoo-bi’s youthful beauty with oversized fashion

(Photo = SNS Yubi Lee) Actress Lee Yu-bi reported her current situation. On the 1st, Lee Yu-bi wrote, “Monet escaped to Cheongdam-dong.” In particular, Lee Yoo-bi, who boasts a youthful appearance with oversized fashion, catches the eye. Here, the doll-like beauty of Lee Yoo-bi smiles brightly at the camera and thrills The viewers. Appearing in […]

New daughter Honey J. hip new mother… Proud of G-Dragon’s shoes

(Photo = Honey J SNS) Choreographer Honey J showcased brand products run by singer G-Dragon. Honey J posted several photos on her Instagram on the 1st. In the published photos, Honey J shows off her hip charm in all black fashion. Wearing glasses and giving points with a red lip, Honey J is proud of […]

Lee Yeong-don ♥ Hwang Jung-eum looks like a fairy even in sports clothes and slippers “I’m busy, I’m busy”

(Photo = SNS Hwang Jung-eum) Actress Hwang Jung-eum reported the recent situation. Hwang Jung-eum showed comfortable fashion by wearing a comfortable T-shirt, training pants, and slippers. In particular, Hwang Jung-eum’s unchanging beauty, even with unadorned fashion and images, and tousled hair, is surprising. she has two sons.Cha Hye-young, reporter for Ten Asia © Deg […]

It is fortunate that Kim Jong-min and Shinji’s older brother fell into hell.

(Photo = MBC) ‘It’s a good thing if we don’t fight’ Kim Jong-min falls into hell with Shinji’s older brother.In the 121st episode of MBC’s ‘It’s Glad You Don’t Fight’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Thank You’), which airs on the 1st, the story of Koyote’s first trip to a deserted island, ‘Catch My Hand’ (To […]

Nana’s eyes full of body tattoos… Deadly pose in Bali

(Photo = Nana SNS) On the 30th, Nana wrote “pink rady♥”. In the photos shared together, Nana’s photos taken during her trip to Bali were included. Above all, Nana, wearing a pink dress, catches the eye with tattoos that stand out over her body. (Photo = Nana SNS) Here, even in a tight-fitting one-piece dress […]