[U-EV]The certified Hyundai Ioniq 6 car has arrived in Taiwan and is in pre-production work, and will be launched in the domestic market in the third quarter at the earliest | U-CAR news

Hyundai released the Ioniq 6 in the second half of 2022, the second mass-produced pure electric car series from this electric sub-brand Ioniq. The door coupe is expected to arrive in Taiwan in 2023. Recently, on social media, some netizens have caught spy photos of the Ioniq 6 appearing in China. According to our understanding, […]

Toyota Group is expected to win the championship earlier than expected, with global sales ahead of Volkswagen Group with 2.14 million vehicles, and Hyundai Group’s overseas market growth of 13.8% | U-CAR news

The Toyota Group announced at the end of December 2022 that it had achieved a total of 9,565,277 global sales between January and November, and global sales of the Toyota brand were 8,727,662, Daihatsu 700,600, and Hino 137,015. The Toyota Group’s performance is not far off in the same period in 2021, while another large […]

The Crown car series is estimated to be launched in the first quarter of 2023 in China, and Toyota Crown SportCross in the Chinese market will officially start pre-sales | U-CAR news

With the official opening of the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show on December 30, FAW Toyota in the Chinese market announced that the Toyota Crown SportCross has officially launched pre-sales, and also unveiled the Crown Sedan. In the Chinese market, its Crown SportCross car series offers 2 models, including 2.5L HEV Premium Edition and 2.4L HEV […]

Launched in North America in December, the price of the 4th generation Honda Pilot has been officially announced, a larger version of the 8-seater CR-V | U-CAR news

The price of the 4th generation Honda Pilot was officially announced in the North American market a few days ago, with its price ranging from US$39,150 to 52,030 (equivalent to about NT$1,212,500 to 1,611,400). This price does not include US$1,295 on for shipping. the original factory announced that the Pilot will be officially launched in […]

The maximum horsepower is 666 horsepower, the second round of the super SUV war begins, Lamborghini’s general agent announced the Urus Performante on 12/6 | U-CAR news

Although the display car used for the announcement has already arrived in Taiwan, and the VIP car owner’s private preview activity is ongoing, it was not until today (11/24) that Lamborghini’s general agent, Jiayu Xingye, announced that it will get officially released in Taiwan on December 6 The original Urus Performante, unveiled at the Pebble […]

[間諜照] Nissan X-Trail will be held ahead of its debut in December, it will have ProPilot, e-Power and e-4orce four-wheel drive | U-CAR news

Domestic netizens once again caught the Nissan X-Trail test car appearing hidden on the streets of Sanyi, Miaoli. This upcoming SUV has confirmed that it will be officially unveiled in Taiwan in December, and will have e-Power and VC-Turbo power technology, and will have an e-Force electronic four-wheel drive system and Zhixing ProPilot security. system. […]