Phet Kao Lan vs Luk Chang in Kiat Phet TKO Thai Pipe Fight

“Tho Nam Thai Kiatphet TKO Battle” torso weigh-in result on Sunday, April 2, 2023. Pair Ek Petchkaolan Singmawin (red) meets Lukchang Petchsomnuek (blue) in the coordinates of 125 pounds at Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium. Start the first game at 18.15-20.15 on channel JKN 18, shooting live. “Tho Nam Thai Kiatphet TKO Battle”, a regular match on […]

Former Swan striker Boat Salika goes bankrupt

Ex-Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle striker revealed why he went bankrupt Became homeless and own car despite making lots of money Craig Bellamy was declared bankrupt by the court. The former Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester City striker, etc., is currently Vincent Kompany’s assistant manager at Burnley, however, despite being a great player in the Premier League. […]

Supachai beat Lek Chattawee in a Thai Muay Dee Vithi fight

Today’s “Baek Dee Withi Thai” torso weighing result, pair Ek Supachai Lek, Neng Sub Yai Chattawee, Jeab Ramintra in coordinates of 129 pounds at Non Boxing Stadium Chit Muang, Or Tor Kor 3, Nonthaburi Province. The first pair starts at 12.15-14.15 on PPTV channel HD36 live shooting “Baek Dee Withi Thai”, regular match on Sunday, […]

Petch Phayathai exchanges brutal Thuan Suek 9 Muay Dee Thai way of life

Weighing the results and looking at the torso in the Battle of 9 Muay Dee Withithai on Saturday, April 1, 2023. A pair of Ek Petchphayathai Sangmorakot meets Thuan Kor Kampanat in the coordinates of 131 pounds at the Jit Mueang Non Boxing Stadium. Start the first pair at 3:04 pm Egin Chanel 9 live. […]

Sing Domthong defends champion Kao Patak in a Muay Thai fight.

“Suek Jao Muay Thai” torso weigh-in result today, the main pair of the defending featherweight champion in Siam Omnoi Stadium, 126 pounds, Singdomthong Nokjeen Ladkrabang, meets Kaopatak Zinbi Muay Thai in the coordinates of 126 pounds in Stadium Boxing Siam, Omnoi Time 12.15 on Channel 3 live “Suek Jao Muay Thai”, Saturday, April 1, 2023, […]

Thai youngsters, hard work, contests, Brazil, Italy, World Championships 2023

Thailand’s under-19 women’s team are working hard with runners-up Brazil and Italy, and the under-21 men’s team are with Bahrain, Iran and Tunisia at the 2023 World Championships. The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) draws the group stages for the tournament. Youth Volleyball – World Youth Championship 2023, all 3 items Starting at the 2023 Under-21 […]

Fight 2 Yodtong Shows The Song Petchwanchai Yui Kick

Sor.Chor.Tong Prachin Flag Depending on the rhythm of the skill, the football was so strong that Petchwanchai Wor.Sangprapai completely knocked down and lifted the Yodthong, winning a decisive victory after a draw. Muay Khun Eak Suek Petchyindee Today The main boxing pair led the Suek Petch Yindee program on Thursday, March 30, 2023 at Ratchadamnoen […]

Rak Chumphon Pongchamp won the championship in Suek Jao Muay Thai

Weigh results and look at the torso “Suek Jao Muay Thai” today, the main pair of the Super Bantamweight champion at the Siam Omnoi Stadium, 122 pounds, Rak Chumphon Thachayasiet meets Chaniae Kiatbodin. at the Siam Omnoi Boxing Stadium The first match starts at 12:15 pm on Channel 3 live. “Suek Jao Muay Thai”, Saturday, […]