Yodsuriya Boo Petchboonchop in Amarin Super Fight Suek Chang Muay Thai

The results of the weigh-in and torso look at today’s Amarin Super Fight Suek Chang Muay Thai Kiatphet, Ek Ek Yod Suriya, Tambon Yotha meet Petchboonchop S. Parat in the coordinates of 128 pounds at the Tawanna Stadium Siam Boxing World Stadium, starting the first game at 4:00 pm, Amarin Channel 34, shooting live “Amarin […]

Petch successfully avenged his former rival Petchmorakot.

Petch 69 Surat (Pranchai) enraged, tight fists Purification of the old opponent, Petchmorakot Sitnayok Thaaphong, succeeded, but different sacrifices of blood, including 14 needles, 6 diamonds, 8 diamonds, 8 diamonds in the Thai Muay Suek 7 matching boxing colors . The main boxing match “Suek Muay Thai 7 Colors” at Channel 7 Color Boxing Stadium […]

Petch Morakot Boot Petch in 7 Muay Thai colors

Weigh the results and look at the torso in “The Battle of Muay Thai 7 Colors” on Sunday, April 23, 2023. Petchmorakot Sitnayok Taaphong meets Petch 69 Surat in the coordinates of 128 pounds in the Channel 7 boxing ring. the first pair starts at 2:30 pm Channel 7HD live broadcast “Muay Thai Fight 7 […]

Defeated Poot Dieselnoi in Kiatphet Thai Pipe Fight by TKO

Weighing results and looking at the torso in the “Tho Nam Thai Kiat Phet TKO” fight on Sunday, April 23, 2023. Pair Ek Win, Rattana Bundit University meets Dieselnoi Liamthanawat in the coordinates of 127 pounds at the Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium, starting with the first pair Broadcast live from 18.15-20.15 on JKN channel 18, shot […]

Overtake 4 points in a row! NEC beats Toray 3-2 to win eighth V.League title

NEC led 2-0 but still won 3-2 sets against Toray to take the Japan V.League title for the 8th time. Volleyball V.League Division 1, Japan, season 2022-23, finals match At Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo, April 22, 2023, is the match between Toray Arrows vs Red Rockets NEC. Toray reached the final again for the third […]

Yodpayak vs. Polkrit Suek 9 Muaydee Withithai

Weighing the results and looking at the torso in the Battle of 9 Muay Dee Withithai on Saturday, April 22, 2023. A pair of Ek Yodpayak Payakkhamphan meets Pol Krit Luk Suan in the coordinates of 122 pounds at the Jit Mueang Non Boxing Stadium. Start the first pair at 3:04 pm Egin Chanel 9 […]