Thai stock market conditions: closed down 10.60 points following the Fed’s fears of accelerating interest rates, fearing China’s return | RYT9

stock market Closed today at 1,546.80 points, down 10.60 points (-0.68%), trading value of 47,877.42 million baht. stock trading today The index declined according to foreign countries. The index rose to a high of 1,556.90 and a low of 1,542.95. Securities changed today, up 458 shares, down 1,151 securities and 481 digits unchanged. Mr. Chaiyaporn […]

Thai stock market conditions: closed negative 2.41 points narrow swing | RYT9

stock market Close today at 1,557.61 points, down 2.41 points (-0.15%), trading value 63,892.96 million baht. stock trading today Thai stock indexes swing in a narrow range in positive and negative territory. The index reached a high of 1,565.53 and a low of 1,555.52. As for securities that change today, up 594 securities, down 935 […]

Thai stock market conditions: closed morning plus 10.38 points by region

SET The morning closed at 1,569.59 points, an increase of 10.38 points (+0.67%), with a trading value of approximately 27,832.96 million baht. stock trading this morning Thai stock indexes swing volatilely in positive territory. It made a high of 1,571.87 points and a low of 1,563.14 points. Ms. Theerada Chanyingyong, director of securities analysis at […]