Uncover the story of Pokklao Anan, a tall midfielder from True Bangkok United.

Open the story to get to know Pokklao Anan, technical midfielder of “The Gods” army, True Bangkok United and Thailand national team. Personal information name – surname : Pokklao Anan nickname : cover happen : March 4, 1991 in Bangkok age : 32 years nationality : Thai situation : center height : 180 cm. existing […]

Open the history of Nitipong Selanont, the right back of True Bangkok.

Get to know the story of Nitipong Selanont, the forward right back, who fills the attacking game, plays all the defensive games of True Bangkok United. Personal information Full name : Nitipong Salanontnickname : Nonhappen: 26 May 1993 in Ratchaburi Province, Thailandage: 30 yearsnationality: Thaisituation: Right back / defensive midfielderheight: 167 cmCurrent agency: True Bangkok […]

Manchester City – Sheffield United FA Cup Semi Final 22/4/2023

Manchester City – Sheffield United Football analysis, pre-match predictions FA Cup semi-final 22/4/2023 “The Blues” are in hot form, in the last 5 games they have won 4 games and added to Bayern Munich in European games. Some of them started the real game, such as Aymeric La Porte, Calvin Phillips, Julian Alvarez, and Riyad […]

The Red Devils, on the side of the sky, hit magnates 9 people into the playoffs

Man United vs Fulham: 3-1 football result The “Red Devils” army on the air side defeated the “little magnate” army, the remaining 9 people decisively with a goal from Marcel Sabitzer and Bruno Fernandes, who scored two goals in this game, saw the team progress to the semi-finals against Brighton, while the away team scored […]

Man City vs Burnley 6-0: Boats hit half a dozen FA Cup play-offs

Man City vs Burnley: Result 6-0 After beating RB Leipzig seven times in the Champions League in midweek, Manchester City continued their brutal form as they thrashed Burnley 6-0 in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, with Erling Haaland hitting a hat-trick for the sixth time this season, along with Julian Alvarez scored 2 goals […]

Live football program ‘The English FA Cup’ Round of 8 teams

Link to watch live football, football programme”The FA Cup“England season 2022 – 2023, the last 8 teams or the quarter final Try the competition between 18 – 19 March 2023 which includes “Manchester City“meet”Burnley“, “Sheffield United“meet”Blackburn Rovers“and”Brighton and Hove Albion“meet”Grimsby Town“and”Manchester United“meet”Fulham” what an interesting couple between “City of Man“meet”Burnley“At the Etihad Stadium, the home […]

The appearance of Kaoru Mitoma goes down to the bench, “the style of the leading role” No self-righteousness, analysis of the best goal assist play |Foreign football|Shueisha Sportiva comprehensive sports magazine Sportiva official website

In the 5th round of the English FA Cup, Kaoru Mitoma came 8th for Brighton in the Premier League to face Stoke, who are currently in 17th place in the championship. Brighton were a 180 degree difference from their fourth round match against Liverpool, who upset Kaoru Mitoma with an impressive goal that captivated the […]