Hachihiro Kazama explains the key man of Manchester City’s CL victory What’s great about Gundogan, the “core player in the shadows”|Foreign football|Shueisha sports magazine Sportiva official website Sportiva website

STYLE Fukahori Soccer Hachihiro Kazama List of serialization >> Mr Yahiro Kazama, who has been following the CL this season, explains the highlights of the two teams that have progressed to the final. Manchester City are aiming for their long-awaited first win, but in addition to the support line of Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne, […]

Five people from Manchester City, the biggest, just before the final, have independently chosen the best eleven of CL this season | Foreign football | Shueisha general sports magazine Sportiva official website Sportiva web

Manchester City vs Inter. With the final of the Champions League (CL) ¬ (local time, June 10, Istanbul) just around the corner, I would like to write about the best eleven of CL this season. First of all, from GK. The battle between Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid) and Ederson (Manchester City). Mike Menan (Milan), who […]

Why is Takefusa Kubo shining at Sociedad? Chosen as the team’s best player of the year “Take became a man from La Real”|Foreign football|Shueisha Sportiva general sports magazine Sportiva official website

On June 4, Real Sociedad (from now on, La Real) faced Sevilla in their home field and won 2-1, giving a magnificent finish. It was not a game that focused on the game, as each of them secured the right to participate in the Champions League next season (La Real placed 4th in the league […]

Also recommended as a transfer destination for Daichi Kamata Napoli, an attacking footballer, wins Frankfurt and advances to CL8 | Foreign Football | Shueisha sports magazine Sportiva Official Website Sportiva web

The eight first round matches of the final Champions League (CL) tournament are over. The following eight teams progressed to the quarter-finals. Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Napoli, Chelsea, Milan, Benfica, Inter Italy was divided into 3, England 2, Germany, Spain and Portugal 1 each. The situation has changed completely since last season when […]

Will Bayern win the CL with the new “Pena half attack” tactic? Mbappe’s counter is scary in the match against Paris Saint-Germain | Foreign football | Shueisha sports magazine Sportiva Sportiva official website

Current status of CL 2022-23 notable teams 5th: Bayern Jamal Musiara from Bayern. Plays well in tight spaces See the photos associated with this article [Ymosodiad nad yw’n defnyddio y tu allan] They won the Champions League (CL) in the 2019-20 season, but lost in the quarter-finals in the following two seasons. Even with Bayern, […]

Mbappe reasserts the power over Messi and Neymar in the middle of the match against Bayern. PSG are hoping for the second round even if they lose | Foreign football | Shueisha general sports magazine Sportiva official website Sportiva web

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) against Bayern Munich. The match between the two teams, who are second and third behind Manchester City in the competition for the championship, is the best card in the first round of the last tournament. PSG at home had concerns about their squad, with Kylian Mbappe starting on the bench as expected. […]

Will Messi leave after Mbappe? CL strong 16 coverage starting with PSG vs Bayern are two matches where the winning candidates face off directly | Foreign football | Shueisha general sports magazine Sportiva official website Sportiva web

The Champions League (CL) is a club game and the World Cup is a country game. The 2022-2023 Champions League season, where the world’s leading players will face off at the Qatar World Cup, is likely to reflect the regrouping aspect of the World Cup more than usual. For fans who have widened their interest […]

Champions League quarter-finals: Real x Liverpool, PSG x Bayern | Sports | Deshabhimani

Nyon> This time the former quarter of the Champions League football will be played. Defending champions and 14-time winners Real Madrid will face Liverpool. Liverpool have won the title six times. Another important game is the PSG-Bayern Munich clash. AC Milan will face Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea will face Borussia Dortmund. Manchester City will face […]