stock calendar from 30 January 2023

The securities calendar is compiled from the news that listed companies notify the Stock Exchange of Thailand until January 27, 2023. January 2023 06 ม.ค.-09 ก.พ. THCOM เสนอซื้อ 645,231,020 หุ้น หุ้นละ 9.92 บาท 18 ม.ค.-22 มี.ค. NSI เสนอซื้อ 13,900,000 หุ้น หุ้นละ 215.00 บาท มกราคม 2566 30 ม.ค. PACO-W1 หลักทรัพย์ใหม่ 199,998,949 หน่วย BTS XD หุ้นละ 0.15 […]

Crypto Weekly Digital Asset Market Summary by efinanceThai

Market cap Total digital asset market: still above a trillion Market cap The total global digital asset market on January 27 was $1.05 trillion, of which 42.38% came from Bitcoin, 18.5% from Ethereum, and a total trading volume of $52.3 billion per day. Bitcoin Move: Tied Up, Awaiting Fed Meeting Over the last 7 days, […]


Mr Nattanai Anantaramporn (left), CEO of Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited or ITEL received the BEST CORPORATE CREATOR AWARDS 2022 from a representative of Blockdit, Mr Warich Fongamornkul (right), Director of Business Development. It is an award for business brands that have developed well in terms of communication and content. and the Blockdit Community wants […]

Toyota announces CEO change to battle new era car market

Bloomberg News reports that Toyota Motor Corp announced on Thursday (January 26) the appointment of the brand’s CEO, replacing Akio Toyoda, the grandson of Toyota’s founder. To step down from the position on April 1 to arrive. Amidst criticism that his policies have paved the way for Tesla to become a leader in the electric […]

Deloitte expects Metaverse to reach 2.4% of GDP across Asia by 2035.

Deloitte Analysis Metaverse’s impact on GDP across Asia could reach US$1.4 trillion per year by 2035 if continued investments are made. In Thailand, it is expected to be worth $11 to $21 billion per year, or 1.3% to 2.4% of total GDP in 2035. Results from Deloitte’s latest analysis. The impact of the metaverse on […]