Nvidia Tops Semiconductor Design Sales with AI Chip Demand, Boosting Potential for SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics

Nvidia Takes the Lead in Semiconductor Design Sales, Boosting Potential for Companies like SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics In a game-changing development, Nvidia has emerged as the top player in semiconductor design sales, fueled by the soaring demand for artificial intelligence (AI) chips. This significant leap in Nvidia’s performance bodes well for domestic semiconductor giants […]

OpenAI Introduces ‘Dali 3’ to Enhance Image Creation Capabilities in ChatGPT

OpenAI has revealed its latest advancement in image creation technology, ‘Dali 3’, which will be integrated into its ChatGPT platform. This new version of the AI, known as ‘DALL-E’, allows users to generate images based on their prompts. OpenAI announced the launch of Dali 3 on their official blog and disclosed that it will be […]

Breaking New Ground: Microsoft’s EvoDiff AI Creates New Protein Designs

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Protein Design in the Life Sciences In a groundbreaking development, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is revolutionizing the field of life sciences, particularly in the creation of new protein designs. This breakthrough, spearheaded by Microsoft, has the potential to unlock new possibilities in various biotechnological sectors, including drug development. TechCrunch recently reported that […]

Lunit’s AI Image Analysis Solution Proven Effective for Diagnosing Breast Cancer at Specialist Level: Published in Radiology Journal

Lunit Proves Expert-Level Breast Cancer Diagnosis with AI Image Analysis Lunit, a leader in medical artificial intelligence (AI) technology, has announced that its AI image analysis solution, ‘Lunit Insight MMG,’ has been proven to diagnose breast cancer at a specialist level. This breakthrough was published in the esteemed international academic journal, ‘Radiology,’ by Lunit’s esteemed […]

Tesla’s Stock Soars as Morgan Stanley Predicts Market Value Increase of $600 Billion

Tesla Stock Soars as Morgan Stanley Predicts Market Capitalization to Increase by $600 Billion In a remarkable turn of events, Tesla’s stock price surged by 6% on the New York Stock Exchange following a bold prediction from investment bank Morgan Stanley. The esteemed institution stated that Tesla’s market capitalization is set to skyrocket by a […]

Decreasing Monthly Users of ChatGPT Rebound as Student Usage Rises After Summer Break

New Analysis Shows Usage of ChatGPT on the Rise among Students Recent data suggests that the decline in monthly users of ‘ChatGPT’ over the past three months is being offset by an increasing number of students utilizing the platform following the summer break. Reuters, citing the analysis conducted by web traffic analysis company Similarweb, reported […]

Apple Aims to Develop Conversational AI for Simplified Command Processing with Siri

Apple is reportedly making significant progress in the development of a large language model (LLM) to enhance its voice assistant, Siri. According to reliable sources, the tech giant is investing millions of dollars daily in building what is known as ‘Apple GPT,’ with the goal of transforming Siri into a conversational AI that can understand […]