In the ‘Suh Hoon arrest’, the battle over the foreign affairs of the ruling and opposition parties… “Evidence of fabrication in North Korea” “Moving to North Korea after the regime change”

Seo Hoon, the former head of the National Security Office in the Blue House, was arrested in the shooting of a public official in the West Sea. People’s Power Representative Ha Tae-gyeong said in a question to the upcoming Unification Ministry, “Former Chief Seo Hoon was arrested for going to North Korea and manipulating North […]

Park Ji-won arrested for ‘Seohae attack’ Seo Hoon… This is not true

Park Ji-won, former director of the National Intelligence Service, touches his face at a press conference held on the morning of the 27th of last month at the Hall of Members of the National Assembly, hosted by Yoon Seok-yeol Political Administration of the Democratic Party Countermeasures Committee, on the shooting of public officials in the […]