Microsoft Enhances Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service Xbox Design Lab Enters Taiwan Market in Summer Samsung’s New TVs Can Stream Xbox Games Directly to the Cloud (178337)

The Xbox Design Lab, a customized service for Xbox controllers, plans to enter the Taiwan market this summer, and the Chinese market will be launched on September 1, but the official launch time will be January 1 next year. In an earlier announcement, in addition to emphasizing that Microsoft will promote the development of games […]

Spread through the settlement; Police arrest Cougar, finally?

It is now common for wildlife to come to human settlements in search of food. It is concluded that this is due to food scarcity and habitat degradation. Cougar, who arrived last Sunday behind a house near 230 Street in Canada, is now in the news. During the day, the cougar was found near a […]

Launch of THG HyCar, a COVID-19 free shuttle bus – Post Today

Launched THG HyCar, a COVID-19 free shuttle bus Date 16 Nov 2021 at 11:10 p.m. KBTG and THG launch THG HyCar, a COVID-19 free shuttle bus Open for service today Get a chance to open the country Dr. Charoenchai Bowonthamrat, Senior Principal Visionary Architect, Kasikorn Business-Technology Group or KBTG, revealed that technology is currently the […]

THG joins forces with KBTG and JOY to launch a COVID-19 free shuttle bus

THG joins forces with KBTG and JOY to launch a COVID-19 free shuttle bus Date 27 Oct 2021 time 21:41 THG joins forces with KBTG and JOY to launch THG HyCar, a COVID-19 free shuttle bus Ready to open for service at the beginning of November, 1964 to receive the opportunity to open the country […]

SenseGlove Nova haptic force feedback VR gloves are released. You can feel the weight, touch and reaction force of real equipment in a virtual reality environment #htc vive (166957)

The haptic feedback glove SenseGlove Nova is mainly used for virtual reality simulation training situations, allowing trainees to feel the weight, touch, and even reaction force of real equipment in the virtual reality environment. It can be used with HTC VIVE or Oculud Quest. In use, a maximum force of 20 Newtons (approximately 2 kg) […]

The meteorite fell on the bed during sleep; Woman escapes with a headache!

The volcano, which appeared yesterday near the mountains in the Canadian province of British Columbia, offered a beautiful view. But it was not a good experience for Ruth Hamilton, a woman living in the same area. Because a part of the meteorite that came down to Earth from space as a fireball fell on Ruth’s […]

Microsoft Windows 11 officially debuted, how to confirm whether the computer can install, upgrade the program and download the official ISO see here #bios (166579)

Microsoft Windows 11 was officially released today. Many Windows 10 users should also be hesitant to upgrade to Windows 11. From a realistic perspective, Windows 11 has redesigned the user interface for modern devices with large screens, high resolution, etc. Changes are re-adjusted, and the bottom layer is again thinned to make the system react […]

Is the full immersive VR experience in Sword Art Online coming? Japan’s new creation Diver-X will launch Half Dive, a VR product lying and playing in the group fundraising #head mounted display (165554)

Now when it comes to immersive VR experiences, most of them are sitting or standing with a VR head-mounted display. However, Japan’s new creation Diver-X announced that it will launch on Kickstarter in November 2021. Dive, advertised as a VR device that can complete all social activities including work, communication, etc. in the bed. Diver-X […]