Global Stock Markets Rebound as Interest Rates Approach Peak Levels

Stock Markets Recover as Global Interest Rates Rise Global stock markets are showing signs of recovery as interest rates around the world reach their highest point. This comes as welcome news amid concerns of a global economic slowdown. Key Factors Impacting the Recovery: Real estate in China has been significantly affected, with credit ratings agency […]

The Battle for Tesla: Asian Countries Compete for Investment in the Electric Vehicle Industry

Tesla Faces Turmoil in Thailand as Automakers Await Government Approval Thailand’s Electric Vehicle Industry Awaits Budget Approval Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, has established a significant production base in China. As a result, numerous countries throughout Asia, including Thailand, are making efforts to attract Tesla and establish their own production facilities. However, recent […]

Facebook takes action against Chinese Anti-Western propaganda by cracking down on fake accounts and pages

Facebook Takes Action Against Fake Accounts and Pages Spreading Chinese Anti-Western Propaganda In a recent development, Facebook has intensified its efforts to combat the proliferation of fake accounts and pages disseminating Chinese anti-Western propaganda. The social media giant has taken a firm stance against this type of misleading content, whose potential repercussions range from damaging […]

China’s Economic Growth Forecasts Slashed as Recovery Remains Elusive

Economists Slash Growth Forecasts for Chinese Economy The People’s Bank of China Expected to Further Ease Monetary Policy Economists have recently revised down their growth projections for China’s burgeoning economy, signaling a lack of recovery momentum. As a response, the People’s Bank of China is anticipated to step up its efforts in accelerating monetary policy […]

WTO Forecast: Modest Global Trade Growth in Q3 Signals Positive Outlook for 2020

Global Trade Expected to Grow Modestly in Q3 The World Trade Organization (WTO) projects a modest growth in global trade for the third quarter, with an estimated trade growth of 1.7 percent for the entire year. This positive outlook is set to have a significant impact on the price of goods, particularly for car exports […]

German Business Activity Reaches Highest Level in Over Three Years

Germany’s Business Activity Surges to Highest Level in Over Three Years In a significant boost to the German economy, business activity in the country reached its highest level in more than three years during the month of August. This positive trend indicates a considerable uplift in key sectors and underscores the resilience of Germany’s economic […]

Vietnamese Unicorn Startup VNG Makes Historic Entrance on US Stock Market

Vietnamese Unicorn Startup VNG Becomes First Y-Tech Company Listed on US Stock Market Vietnamese technology powerhouse, VNG, has made history by becoming the first Y-tech unicorn startup to be listed on the US stock market. This momentous achievement marks a significant milestone for Vietnam’s booming startup ecosystem and highlights the country’s emergence as a major […]

Dubai International Airport Sees a 49% Surge in Passengers, Defying COVID-19 Impact

Dubai Airports, the organization responsible for managing Dubai’s airport, has recently announced a remarkable increase in passenger numbers at Dubai International Airport (DXB) during the first half of 2023. Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, DXB witnessed a significant surge of 49%, with a total of 41.6 million passengers passing through its […]

ADB Proposes Skills Development and Inequality Reduction in Post-COVID Asia-Pacific

ADB Urges Asia-Pacific to Enhance Workforce Skills and Reduce Inequality Post-COVID-19 In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is recommending the Asia-Pacific region to prioritize the improvement of workforce skills and address inequality. As countries strive to rebuild their economies, these measures are deemed crucial for promoting sustainable and inclusive […]