Global Stock Markets Rebound as Interest Rates Approach Peak Levels

Stock Markets Recover as Global Interest Rates Rise Global stock markets are showing signs of recovery as interest rates around the world reach their highest point. This comes as welcome news amid concerns of a global economic slowdown. Key Factors Impacting the Recovery: Real estate in China has been significantly affected, with credit ratings agency […]

The Battle for Tesla: Asian Countries Compete for Investment in the Electric Vehicle Industry

Tesla Faces Turmoil in Thailand as Automakers Await Government Approval Thailand’s Electric Vehicle Industry Awaits Budget Approval Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, has established a significant production base in China. As a result, numerous countries throughout Asia, including Thailand, are making efforts to attract Tesla and establish their own production facilities. However, recent […]

Escalating Trade Conflict Between US and China Sparks Semiconductor Industry Battles

Trade Conflict Between US and China Escalates in Semiconductor Industry By [Author Name] The ongoing trade conflict between the United States and China shows no signs of reaching a peaceful resolution. The latest battleground in this war is the semiconductor or chip industry, with the United States taking steps to ban the export of certain […]

Netherlands Implements New Measures to Combat China’s Chip Dominance

Netherlands Implements New Measures in Semiconductor Trade Dispute In a move reminiscent of the United States, the Netherlands has recently announced the implementation of new measures designed to counteract the influence of Chinese chips in their semiconductor industry. These measures go beyond simply limiting the export of chip-making equipment, with the Dutch government also imposing […]

Bad signal investment “Vietnam” collapsed! #BUSINESSWORLD | BUSINESS WATCH |

Vietnam is a country with a continuous increase in investment capital. But this year started to show bad signs. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Severe decline What is happening? Let’s follow up The trade conflict between the US and China is not ending Multinational companies are moving their bases to ASEAN. Thailand received merit policy insights […]