Yuya Mori, who joined Ori, talked about the “conflict” until the transfer.

“I don’t see a team that shrinks young players as attractive.” On the 21st, catcher Yuya Mori, who has exercised domestic FA rights from Seibu and decided to transfer to Orix, responded to a telephone interview with the press. The decisive factor in the transfer to the league champions for the second year in a […]

Even with the acquisition of Yuya Mori … will you not relax your hand to strengthen the number one in Japan for the second year in a row? 9 people out of power … Orix in turmoil | Full Account

Trainer Nomi retired from active duty, 9 people under his command, including Masui and Kaita, were out of power It was announced on the 19th that Fushimi Toratake, who exercised domestic agent (FA) rights from Orix, will transfer to Nippon-Ham. The team has already acquired Yuya Mori as a free agent from Seibu, but top […]

Orix announces the acquisition of Seibu and Yuya Mori.

2018, 2019, 2021 and won the Top Nine three times On the 16th, Orix announced the acquisition of Tomoya Mori, a domestic free agent (FA) catcher from Seibu. Japan’s best baseball team won the competition between multiple teams. [PR]Using DAZN in the life of commentator Ryota Igarashi thinks about the appeal of baseball Mori, who […]