KSRTC driver and car fall in Vadakancheri accident; Report – KSRTC

Thrissur ∙ In the accident where the tourist bus hit the back of the KSRTC bus at Vadakancheri, the KSRTC driver was also found to be at fault. According to the Natpak investigation report, the speeding KSRTC bus suddenly slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road, adding to the severity of the […]

Vadakkencherry bus accident tourist bus traveled at high speed said minister antony raju | Vadakkencherry bus accident: Vadakkencherry bus accident: A tourist bus arrived at high speed; The speed is 97.5 km per hour

Palakkad: Transport Minister Anthony Raju said that the reason for the accident was that the tourist bus that had an accident in Vadakancherry was over speeding. The accident happened when the KSRTC bus collided with the back of the bus while overtaking the car. At this time the tourist bus was traveling at a speed […]

Vadakancherry accident: Tourist bus overspeeding, leaving school late

Thrissur | The tourist bus that had an accident on the Vadakancherry National Highway at midnight was traveling at excessive speed. The out of control tourist bus rammed into the back of the KSRTC bus. The accident happened while trying to overtake another vehicle. Locals said the tourist bus overturned after being hit. Later, the […]