Platinum Studio plans to increase its own IP, shooting new work “Sol Cresta” at APGS Asia Pacific Game Summit | 4Gamers

APGS Asia Pacific Game Summit, today (21st), welcomes “Nier: Automata”, “Magic Soldier”, “Babylon Falls” platinum studio director Inaba Atsushi, chief game designer Kamiya Hideki, sharing new Work “Sol Cresta”. On January 20th and 21st, the 2022 Taipei International Game Show business district will be the first to start, and the APGS Asia Pacific Game Summit […]

The domestic ARPG “Asterigos: The Lost City” high-degree-of-freedom weapon battle is worth looking forward to, but unfortunately it can’t be played at this year’s Taipei Game Show | 4Gamers

The action game “Asterigos: Lost City” developed by Aikemi Games for many years has attracted a lot of attention since its debut at the Tokyo Game Show last year. Recently, the publisher Gravity and the development team released the trial version of the protagonist “Hilda”. The computer game screen, but unfortunately, players may not be […]

“Shadow Blade: Convict” Early Access is limited, and the 2022 Taipei Game Show event schedule is announced | 4Gamers

The dark action game “Shadow Blade: Convict”, published by NIJIGEN, today (17) announced the 2022 Taipei International Game Show exhibition plan, including booth design drawings, activities and other information. In order to cooperate with epidemic prevention this year, the exhibition area is not open for coser and players to take photos. Limited Early Access Qualification […]