Along with the Vizhinjam protest, the issue of Okhi rehabilitation was also raised by the Latin Church – Vizhinjam protest Latin church | Oki rehabilitation issue | Manorama News

Vizhinjam – Along with the strike against Vizhinjam Port, the Latin Church has also raised the issue of Okhi rehabilitation. The gathering also reiterated that the CPM-BJP alliance was behind the clashes that took place the previous day. Father Theodesias D’Cruz said that Okhi has not provided any assistance to the victims. We were stuck. […]

Vizhinjam: All-party support for Kerala government’s measures | Deshabhimani

Thiruvananthapuram> An all-party meeting convened by the government to ensure peace in Vizhinjam, took place including police station violence. The all-party coalition extended its support to the government for all measures to restore an atmosphere of peace. The representatives of the strike committee also assured that there will be no violence. Stay united so that […]

The case against the bishop; Unfortunate: Disgruntled Kerala Congress Vizhinjam | Vizhinjam Port | Protest VIzhinjam | Clash at Vizhinjam Police Station | Vizhinjam Port Protest | Vizhinjam Latest News | Vizhinjam Latest | Latest News | Manorama News | Breaking News | Breaking News

Kerala Congress is unhappy that a case has been registered against the bishop in the Vizhinjam strike. Jose K. Mani said it was unfortunate that a case was filed against the bishop. Absentee priests were also accused. Jose K. Mani said that the problem should be resolved through discussion. Watch the video report.

Vizhinjam: Adani Group has filed a contempt of court petition against the government Vizhinjam: Adani Group has filed a contempt of court petition against the government

Kochi: The Adani Group and the contracting company have filed a contempt of court petition against the government alleging that they did not comply with the order to provide police protection for the construction of Vizhinjam port. In a petition seeking police protection, the single bench had ordered on September 1 to provide police protection […]

Vizhinjam strike will be finished across the condition From the beginning’- protest Vizhinjam| Strike| Vizhinjam port Latin church Manorama News

Thiruvananthapuram – The discussion held by the cupboard sub-committee with the Vizhinjam Samara Samiti unsuccessful. This is the fourth time the governing administration has held discussions with the strike committee. The Latin Archdiocese said the Primary Minister was insulting the protesters. The strike will be performed during the region. The strike committee also announced that […]