Flooding causes massive damage to landmarks

The largest palace in the world has suffered massive water damage: parts of the Vienna Hofburg have been affected due to a burst pipe. Flooding occurred in the inner courtyard of the Vienna Hofburg on Wednesday afternoon. The reason for this was a burst water pipe, according to a press release from the Austrian Castle […]

Dam in Siberia breaks – railway line washed away

In Siberia, a dam collapses and torrential water floods railway tracks and an important road. Reconstruction will be expensive for Russia. In the Russian district of Buryatia in Siberia, a dam burst on Sunday. The water masses flooded streets and an important railway line. Buryatia’s head of government and regional governor Alexey Tsydenov and the […]

Selenskyj comes – suddenly the Russians fire

read video transcript After the explosion of the dam in the south of Ukraine, the rescuers are in constant use. But the evacuation of those affected is dangerous, rocket attacks occur again and again. President Selenskyj spoke of around 2,000 people who had been rescued in the Ukrainian part of the Cherson region, which was […]

Dam blown – Massive flooding is now threatening here

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region could have devastating consequences. Animations show where thousands of people are now threatened. According to both warring parties, the adjacent hydroelectric power station was destroyed in the severe explosion at the Nowa Kachowka dam in southern Ukraine. The dam itself, which is close to the […]

Ukraine | Dam blown up in Kherson – questions and answers

Alarm in Cherson: the important Kakhovka dam was destroyed. The situation is critical, thousands of people are threatened. The most important things at a glance What happened? According to the warring parties, an important dam near the front was severely damaged in the Russian-occupied part of the southern Ukrainian region of Cherson. Kiev and Moscow […]

Dam blown up in Kherson: “Clearly a war crime”

Reactions to dam explosion “Russian terrorism has just reached a new level” Updated on 6/6/2023 – 4:15 p.mReading time: 4 min. Animations show where the water masses could spread in the coming hours. (What: t-online) The alleged attack on the dam in Cherson has drawn international criticism. This applies in particular to the Russian aggressor. […]