“Anna” gave the sad news that her stepmother “Watermelon Nida” had died.

And there was an additional charge on Po Tanuphat for taking psychotropic substances. and report additional charges Acting negligently causing the death of 2 other persons, Job Nithat and Kratik Itsarin, based on factual evidence in the watermelon case. There is no evidence that the cause of Watermelon Nida’s death was Murder. But it turns […]

“Jin-ning” meets with lawyer Tum Sittra to report back to “Zan” on May 17

“Jin-Ning Panita” meets with Attorney Sittra, prepares to file a complaint with “Zan” back on May 17, details are still uncovered. Mr. Sitra Biabungkerd, Secretary General of the People’s Lawyers Team Foundation Post pictures and messages on the Facebook page, stating today that Ning Panita Thammawattana and Jarin Thammawattana, or Jin, her husband, met at […]