Sunny Wayne Reveals Insights into His Character in Kannur Squad

Sunny Wayne discusses his role in the highly successful film Kannur Squad Kannur Squad, directed by debutant Robby Varghese Raj, has emerged as the standout hit among the latest Malayalam film releases. In this action-packed thriller, the story revolves around four police officers who travel from Kerala to North India in pursuit of a criminal. […]

Shane Nigam Opens Up About His Upcoming Film and Writing Journey

Young Malayalam Actor Shane Nigam Reveals Plans to Direct a Fantasy Film Mollywood sensation Shane Nigam, known for his remarkable performances, is all set to make his directorial debut in the future. The versatile actor, whose last outing “RD. X” proved to be a box office triumph, is currently looking forward to his upcoming release […]

Vela: Release Date Announced for Shane Nigam and Sunny Wayne Starrer Crime Drama!

Makers Announce Release Date for Vela, starring Shane Nigam and Sunny Wayne In a much-awaited announcement, the makers of the upcoming crime drama film “Vela” have finally revealed the release date. Directed by debutant Shyam Shashi, the movie is set to hit the theaters on November 10. With an exciting star cast and a gripping […]

Vela: A Thrilling Crime Drama with Stellar Performances by Shane Nigam and Sunny Wayne

Shane Nigam and Sunny Wayne Pair Up in Thrilling Crime Drama “Vela” Directed by Shyam Shashi Kerala, India – Prepare to be thrilled as the much-awaited crime drama film “Vela” hits theaters on November 10. Directed by debutant Shyam Shashi and distributed by Wayfarer Films, this cinematic masterpiece promises to captivate audiences with the magnificent […]

Actor Asif Ali Opens Up About Physical Challenges and Dedication in New Film ‘Kasargold’

Kasargold Continues to Draw Crowds at Theatres, Asif Ali and Sunny Wayne Vinayakan Share their Experiences by Asif Ali | Photo: Sreejit P Raj | Matrubhumi —————————————————————————— Kochi: The highly-anticipated film, featuring Sif Ali and Sunny Wayne Vinayakan in lead roles, is still captivating audiences at Kasargold Theatres. Asif Ali recently spoke about the physical […]

Asif Ali Shares His First Experience with Gold in Promotion of Kasargold

Asif Ali shares his unforgettable experience of pawning gold for the first time Popular actors Sif Ali, Vinayakan, and Sunny Wayne have graced the big screens with their starrer ‘Kasargold’, which released on Friday. In a recent promotional event for the film, actor Asif Ali opened up about his first encounter with pawning gold. He […]