Samurai Japan Head Team Manager Hideki Kuriyama’s retirement press conference “It was so satisfying that I don’t think he’ll ever be here” | Top | Press Conference Report

Press conference report June 2, 2023 On June 2nd, Director Hideki Kuriyama of Samurai Japan’s Best Team, who led Samurai Japan to victory in the “2023 WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC™” (WBC), and whose tenure ended on May 31st, held a conference for the press to retire. in a hotel in Tokyo gone. First of all, Kuriyama […]

Nootbar reveals the suffering of Samurai J. The pressure of not knowing the culture or the language, “Don’t defile the mother’s name…” | Full Account

Nutvar, whose mother is Japanese, said, “I wanted to fight on this stage like a Japanese Samurai.” Cardinals outfielder Lars Nutvar won the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March. Joining the Japanese national baseball team “Samurai Japan” as the first Japanese-American player attracted a lot of attention, but it seems that there were many difficulties. […]

Samurai sends to the world…the Japanese style “blessing” is “getting nervous” Surprised at the relationship of trust “Is it just a manga?” | Full Account

Director Kuriyama flying in the air… Natural in Japan but strange in the world In the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which ended with Japan winning the championship, the cultural differences of the participating countries were often talked about. Regarding the way Samurai Japan celebrated after winning the championship, overseas fans said, “This is great,” “I […]

Shohei Otani made an unexpected joke When SAMURAI JAPAN ended, he said, “I have nothing but thanks.” Net laugh about the WBC coach’s mysterious story: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

Kazuyuki Shirai, head coach of WBC Samurai Japan, who appeared on the information program “Mr. Sunday” (Fuji TV) broadcast on March 26, 2023, revealed a conversation with Shohei Otani after the tournament. On SNS, a series of voices said they were laughing at the interaction between the two, which could give a glimpse of their […]

Director Kuriyama and talented American reporter… The “exchange” of respect “What an expression of respect” | Full Account moves very much to fans

The MLB Network reporter first said “Omedetou Gozaimasu” in Japanese. Fans pay attention to the “exchange” of respect between Hideki Kuriyama, the director of the Japanese national team “Samurai Japan” and a famous American reporter. Comments collected such as “It feels stylish” and “What an expression of respect”. Japan Samurai regain title for first time […]