[12월 5일] Game industry hot clips, including Fortnite, Episode 4 Season 1 start

[게임플] # New releases and updates Epic Games – Fortnite ends Chapter 3 and begins Chapter 4 – an all-new Season 1. In Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4, 5 new areas have been added, including ‘Shattered Slabs’, where you can get ‘Kinetic Ore’ with magical effects, and you can increase your power with the new […]

[특징주] WeMade rises before the decision to delist from Wemix

[서울파이낸스 박조아 기자] WeMade stock price rises ahead of court decision on delisting virtual currency Wemix. As of 9:31 am on the 5th, WeMade is trading at 41,150 won, up 1,600 won (4.05%) from the previous trading day. Previously, 4 out of 5 companies belonging to Daksa decided to suspend Wemix trading from 3:00 pm […]

WeMade entrusts ‘Wemix’ to Binance…Wemix price rises 15%

/ Photo = Provided by Wemade WeMade announced on the 4th that it has decided to use the Binance Escrow service after consulting with Binance Institutional Services. The decision to use Binance Escrow is part of various ways to strengthen Wemix’s own management system. When the technical procedures are completed, Wemix will be transformed into […]