Open the door to the world of the future with “Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022: Road to Web3”

Supakrit Bunsart Mr The President of the Thai Digital Asset Association said Thai Digital Asset Association is one of the organizations driving Thailand into a new era of digital assets. expecting the association to be part of educating those interested in the industry. Currency (Cryptocurrency) understands Blockchain Technology (Blockchain) and also promotes entrepreneurs in Thailand […]

How is Starbucks’ Web3 strategy different?

Starbucks recently unveiled its web 3.0 strategy ‘Starbucks Odyssey’. But is this a web3 strategy? You may be able to. We used the word stamp instead of the term NFT, and it was not a new metaverse, but rather strongly integrated with the existing reward program. But this is what Starbucks’ Web3 strategy is all […]

The new book ‘Atadia’ of ‘Napat Jatusripitak’ opens the world of Big data

Napat Jatusripitak Launching a new book, “Atadia”, projecting artificial intelligence, Big Data in a form that combines two parts, “fiction” and “true story”, distilling from experience and knowledge accumulated over a long time. Set to be launched at the book week event this October Interested parties can pre-order at a special price. It’s another interesting […]

What is the potential of NFT enterprise on Net3. and Blockchain?

What is the present-day NFT made use of for? 1. Gather Quite a few business enterprise manufacturers have acquired NFT portfolios, these as Adidas bought Bored Ape Yacht Club, Visa bought Cryptopunk. It can be observed that just by obtaining and endorsing it, it has captivated the awareness of the new era. 2. Be artistic […]

Launch of Keep Di, the world’s first insurance bureau service on blockchain.

Kittinan Anuphan, CEO and Founder Keep The Under Seek & Keep Genesis Co., Ltd. revealed that the arrival of Web 3.0 and the readiness ofblockchain technology It is a great opportunity to help create new business opportunities with cutting-edge digital marketing tools that deliver real results in a short time as a developer of cutting-edge […]