“Nong Joy” the bride of “Keng Lai Camouflage” in a beautiful wedding dress

Entering the wedding door for another couple “Nong Joy Jirawan” Mom is also spicy and “Good camouflage” a famous net idol who held a wedding ceremony on November 22 at the Benedict Studio Nong Joy Jirawan and Keng Laipung after last year “Good camouflage” have wielded “Little Joy“Announce the good news that your girlfriend is […]

A 40-year-old woman wearing a wedding dress and taking pictures with her high value makes her son misunderstood as her husband… Makeup artist “I believe you are a ghost” | International | CTWANT

The 40-year-old woman took the wedding dress for the first time, and the makeup artist was dumbfounded by the super high quality. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo) Recently in China, a young boy born in the 2000s took his 40-year-old mother to take wedding photos. However, because of the mother’s super high value, the makeup […]

Maprang Wirakarn was delighted to wear Baba. Dream wedding dress!

Maprang Wirakarn Senee Tantikun Delighted to wear Baba dream wedding dress Continuing the tradition of Chinese weddings in Phuket that has been passed down for a long time. Ready to reveal a picture with a sweetheart outside the industry Maj. Gen. Chora Pornprakit It’s called very appropriate. Maprang Wirakarn was delighted to wear Baba. Dream […]

Katrina Kaif- Vicky Kaushal Wedding: Star Wedding

Rajasthan, First Published Dec 9, 2021, 10:44 PM IST Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s wedding has received a lot of attention in Bollywood in recent times. The couple’s relationship (Relationship) is now public and the marriage has taken place soon after. The marriage took place today at Savoy Madhopur in Rajasthan. It is noteworthy that […]