Penetrate the Thai trade partner market. catch the hot product trend China opens countries to support exports | WATCH BUSINESS | 13-01-66 (FULL)

Encouraging China to open up the country to support exports from Thailand turned out to be a positive Food – fruit is merit. As for snacks and strong drinks USA-Korea-Japan Market What kind of product will satisfy consumers? #Export #BusinessTrends Meet the BUSINESS WATCH program to see business trends. #BUSNESSWATCH with Mr. Jia Sophon Nawaratanapong […]

World stocks and Thai stocks 2023, an economic recession awaits?

“Prakit Siriwatanaket” analyzes Thai stocks at the beginning of next year. of economic recovery – Clarity on the election but it will be sluggish in the second half of the year US-Europe stocks reversed On November 22, 2022, Mr. Prakit Siriwatanaket, Managing Director of Merchant Partners Asset Management Co, Ltd gave an interview on the […]