Jung Sung-ho’s 5th pregnancy ♥ Gathering Daldal in the hotel swimming pool

Comedian Jeong Seong-ho and his wife Kyung Maek-reum enjoyed their prenatal trip. Recently, Kyungmulleum posted on her Instagram, “I brought a couple of pregnant women’s dresses ???????? ????????‍♀️ with a tearing sound and the thighs don’t go up ???? Like this ???? I bought a bikini???? in a hurry in front of the ticket office […]

Love Luck List Valentine’s Day Horoscope 2023

Original title: 2023 Valentine’s Day Horoscope Love Luck List Valentine’s Day Horoscope 2023 In the pursuit of love, some people have had smooth sailing, some have experienced ups and downs, some people can meet true love, and some people are unkind and betrayed. So what is the life and state of love happiest? Many friends […]

“It’s too amazing and stunned” “It’s not a supernatural work anymore” 160 km fastball in two with Iai breaking … Impact of 9 million plays master video: J-CAST News[arddangosfa testun llawn]

A video of him slashing a 160-kilometer fastball fired from a pitching machine with “Iai-giri,” in which he quickly unsheaths a Japanese sword from his planter, has had more than 9.15 million views on Twitter. In the post, there were comments like, “Even though it’s hard to hit, it’s already supernatural to break!” I spoke […]

“Yaya Urassaya – Nat Kitcharit” shows the cutest moment in the special MV “Everything Is All You” celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Central Department Store.

From now on… everyone’s heart will be filled with love because Central Department Store A subsidiary of Central Retail is celebrating its 75th birthday, releasing a music video that invites you to feel satisfied and immersed in love in the song “Everything Is All You”, together with the hottest female stars. Yaya-Urasaya Sperbund and the […]