The prequel to the adventure game “Road 96: Mile 0”, which depicts the reason for exile from a dictatorship, will be released on April 4th.

The publisher (distributor) PLAION is a highly acclaimed adventure game released in June 2022.『Route 96』For the first part of this work“Route 96: Mile 0”ohReleased Tuesday, April 4publish This work will be sold as download software only for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows). “Road 96: […]

Slow-motion life simulation game “Little Witch in the Woods” depicting the daily life and growth of a little witch is available in Japanese

SUNNY SIDE UP, based in South Korea, will release PC (Steam) a slow life simulation game‘Little Witch in the Woods’about,Supports Japanese and Chinese (Traditional)The update “ver1.6.22.0” has been distributed. This work is an early access version title that also serves as a development test, and the regular price is 1640 yen including tax. We are […]

A logic puzzle game “Nikoli’s Puzzle S Slitherlink / Nikoli’s Puzzle W Slitherlink” is released. Nikoli, a magazine specializing in puzzles, produced all the problems

Hamsters will be on November 10th (Wednesday),Every time I learn joseki, I feel my growthLogic Puzzle Game for Nintendo SwitchNikoli S Slitherlink puzzle(Hereafter referred to as Nikoli’s Pos S) was released. The price is 500 yen including tax.In addition, titles for Xbox One and PC (Windows 10)Nikoli W Slitherlink puzzlealso available for the same price. […]

The new VR headset “PlayStation VR2” for PS5 will be released on February 22, 2023. The 2023 title line revealed including Cities VR and Zenith: The Last City

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on November 2nd (Wednesday), the new VR headset “PlayStation VR2” (PS VR2) for PS5.Released on Wednesday, February 22, 2023publish The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 74,980 yen including tax. We plan to start accepting pre-order requests on Monday, November 21st. Also, on the same day of release, a PS VR2 exclusive […]

No Kuni White Queen Remastered Release and Xbox Game Pass Support Announced

Level 5 was broadcast on September 15 (Thursday) in the official program of “Tokyo Game Show 2022”, Xbox One / Xbox Series X |“Ni dim Kuni Gwyn Queen of the Holy Ashes Remastered”ohReady for Launch and Xbox Game Passpublish. In addition, in 2023“No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom”It was also revealed that there will be an […]

Announcing the Retro PC “X68000 Z” reprint model released in 1987

Mizuki Co., Ltd., which develops electronics product development, solutions, and distributors, was launched by Sharp in 1987.“X68000 Z” retro PC reprint modelpublish For this product, after a mock display at “Tokyo Game Show 2022” held from September 15 (Thursday) at Makuhari Messe,Scheduled to announce details and start accepting orders on Saturday, October 8doing. (The image […]

“Rusted Moss”, an exploration adventure game that uses grapple hooks and guns to fight witches and machines, will be released in February 2023

Publisher (distributor) PLAYISM is an exploratory action game that uses grapple hooks and guns to shoot through witches and mechanical enemies.“Rusty Moss”in February 2023Steamannounced that it will be released in. A free trial version is also available on the store page. “Rusted Moss” is an exploratory action game where the player travels around a world […]