Tai Saitarn has announced that she is single and fans are parading to tease her about having a boyfriend for just one day.

It is this work that the fans flock to tease because many people realize that the person is probably only joking. Because it was posted on April 1, which coincides with April Fool’s Day or the day of lies. Many people tend to play jokes today. And Tai doesn’t miss out on making jokes either. But when many people realized Cause the person commented under the post in a humorous way that “People who know their hearts are rarely full of people who know well.”

And after April Fool’s Day passed, Tai Saitarn recently posted a clear announcement. “Today I’m single” before commenting under the post with that single style slogan “Single, don’t want anyone… No, nobody wants.. Single with value. Aged with dignity.”

Among the comments from fans who are ready to tease, for example, what about yesterday, Khun Tai, you can flirt now, oh, I have seen you single for a long time, moms, you are single so fast , is it true, hahaha, today is the only day, right?


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