“Taipei Stock Market” masks are loosened, and Taiwanese stocks are not dull. The three big legal persons bought more than 9.037 billion yuan

【Times-Taipei Electric Power】 The FED played “hawk” again, and US stocks plunged overnight! Taiwan stocks not afraid of the air force After a day of reaction to the ruling party’s disastrous defeat in the general election nine to one, mainland and Hong Kong stocks rose 152 points today, regaining the line 5 days , 14600 and 14700 points in a row. Today, foreign capital (excluding self-employed foreign investors) bought over 8.35158 billion yuan, investment and sales over 992.37 million yuan, self-employed traders bought over 1.67826 billion yuan, and the three big legal persons bought over 9.037 billion yuan. It was just a sad day after the general election. Foreign investors returned to the team and their consecutive sales ended 2. Today, they bought more than 9.037 billion yuan, and the accumulated purchases this month were more than 166.545 billion yuan. Tomorrow, Taiwan stocks will close on the monthly line, which coincides with MSCI’s quarterly adjustment taking effect after the market close, which has attracted much attention from the market.

The US stock market was slammed overnight by the clutches of an “Eagle”. Taiwanese stocks opened lower and fell more than 100 points today. Management duo Cathay Pacific Gold (2882) and Fubon Gold (2881) turned red and rose, aviation duo EVA Air Joined (2618) and China Airlines (2610) Gaofei, and military industry and Netcom stocks were buoyant, pulling the index up all the way Going higher, the final weighted index closed at a relative height of 14709.64 points today, up 152.77 points, and the transaction value slightly inflated to 213.611 billion yuan. The anti-buy market was relatively weak, closing down at 184.93 points, down 0.46 points, with a total turnover of 63.317 billion yuan.

As for the performance of weight stocks, the semiconductor duo TSMC (2330) and MediaTek (2454) turned red and closed up more than 1%, Delta (2308), Quanta (2382), Yageo (2327), Novatek (3034), AUO (2409), ASE Investment Holdings (3711), etc. followed suit, and Nanya Branch (2408), Unicom (3037), Nandian (8046), Realtek (2379), Silicon Power*-KY (6415), and so forth. Going down against the trend.

Financial stocks were led by Cathay Gold (2882), which rose more than 3%, Sanshang Life (2867), Fubon Gold (2881), Development Gold (2883), CITIC Gold (2891), Taishin Gold (2887), Mega Gold ( 2886) and others followed a strong rebound, pushing the financial index up to recover the half-year line, becoming a key player in stabilizing the market. Sinosteel (2002), Hetai Automobile (2207), Fengtai (9910) and others fired and supported at the same time, while Formosa Plastics (1301) bucked the trend and closed in the dark and it was relatively weak.

The ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, along with the start of the “blank paper revolution” in mainland China, military industry concept stocks are booming. Jinggang (1584), Baoyi (8222), and Jiayu (1417) are limited daily lock. Netcom stocks hold military industry and low-orbit satellites The buying theme is strong, Taiyang (2314), China Star (4979) lights the daily limit, Zhongda-KY (4977), Tongxin (6426), Skycom (3025) raised more than half the limit, Taiwan Tong (8011), Jian Han (3062), Zhong Qi (2419) and other strong players.

Benefiting from the wave of unblocking and the return of passengers, shipping stocks acted as multi-party navigators, Taiwan Shipping (2208) and Hanxiang (2634) hit the daily limit with military-themed lights, and aviation duo EVA Air (2618) and China Airlines (2610) both released a large number of more than 130,000 flyers, with a high rate of more than 7.5% and 5% respectively The three container companies Evergreen (2603), Yang Ming (2609), and Wan Hai (2615) all up 2%. The bulk group Xinxing (2605), Yumin (2606), AVIC (2612), Huiyang-KY (2637) sailed happily.

Stocks benefited from the lifting of the ban on masks in China starting in December. Canxinglv (2719), Dalue-KY (4804), Yadu (5703), Hanlai Cuisine (1268) lit their daily limit, Gourmet-KY (2723 ).

Taiwan’s stock market rose more than 2,000 points in the month before the election, an increase of more than 16%, the best performance in recent years. Analysts said that after the election is resolved, there is a chance of until the start of the offensive again. However, the short term is still a high-end volatile pattern. It is necessary to pay attention to possible influencing factors such as external inflation, interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, and geopolitical risks. It is recommended to focus on long-term trending industries such as automotive, Internet, data centers, and high efficiency computing and semiconductor industry.

This week’s major international financial events focus on the Fed’s economic Beige Book, the US non-farm payrolls report, and the Eurozone CPI. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will also give a speech to affect the market outlook. In addition, MSCI’s quarterly adjustment will take effect after the market closes tomorrow, preventing the market’s late breakout, which is also linked to the performance of the monthly line in November. In addition, given that the end of the year is approaching, the market for credit investment and group accounting is expected to increase gradually, so you can pay attention to the performance of related groups. (Editor: Long Cailin)

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