“Taipei Stock Market” The three major legal entities of the three-man container turned into submarines continue to sell more than 7.2 billion yuan

[Newyddion Times-Taipei]The three majors turned the container into submarines, and the three major legal persons continued to sell more than 7.2 billion yuan, and the intensive market retreated to 14,400 levels. US stocks closed in the dark last Friday. Today, Asian stocks are also weakening in the atmosphere of waiting to see the intensity of the Fed’s interest rate hike. After the Taiwanese stock market closed today 5.51 points against the trend, it immediately turned black and fell below the Sanxiong leadership in the container and the biomedical group. In addition, the US stock futures index turned from red to black during the session, the power king was weak, the stock king and the stock queen were competing for two injuries, and the decline of the electronic group increased. Concept stocks such as trams, electricity supply, tourism, and Metaverse struggled to stop the decline. Longs and shorts stalemate at 14,450. Although many parties tried to recover lost ground in late trading, they had no choice but to adjust Evergreen and HTC before closing shorts (2498), Shixin-KY (3661) and other large stocks, the index closed at 14425.68 points at the end, continuing to fall 136.08 points, and value the transaction was 159.445 billion yuan to write volume new low this year.

Analysts pointed out that Taiwanese stocks fell below the 14,500 mark today, and the value of the transaction was less than 160 billion yuan, a new low this year, as the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will announcement of the results of the interest rate decision- held a meeting early in the morning Taiwan time on the 22nd. , The wait-and-see atmosphere of the market is scattered, and it is expected that Taiwan stocks will be difficult to shrink and consolidate the pattern in the first half of the week.

In terms of chips, foreign capital today sold over 7,194.83 million yuan for the 4th consecutive day, but oversold and shrank to 7.19483 billion yuan. Looking back at last week, foreign sales exceeded 17.146 billion yuan, investment credit purchases exceeded 6.881 billion yuan, self-operated sales exceeded 6.653 billion yuan, and the three major legal entities sold more than 16.918 billion yuan; cumulatively from September to 16th, overseas sales exceeded 88.312 billion yuan, Investors bought over 13.303 billion yuan, self-operated traders sold over 34.180 billion yuan, and the three big legal persons sold over 109.189 billion yuan. So far this month, foreign capital has sold more than 95.507 billion yuan, and this year it has sold more than 1.173377 trillion yuan.

Technically, the RSI on the 5th was 28.59, the RSI on the 10th was 35.3, the K value on the 9th was 28.46, the D value on the 9th was 34.59, and the deviation rate on the 20th was -2.76.

On the disc, Evergreen (2603) and Jinxiang Electric (2368) relisted after capital reduction in cash today, but their stock price movements were quite different. Evergreen was relisted after the capital reduction in cash, and the reference price for the opening was 187 yuan. However, affected by the fall in SCFI, the stock price fell all the way down after opening low, and ended with a sharp drop of 9.63% to 169 yuan. The transaction volume reached more than 67,000, and Yangming (2609) dragged down 7.48%, and Wan Hai (2615) closed down 8.18%, causing for the shipping index to fall 5.71%, becoming the epicenter of the wider market today. On the other hand, Jinxiang Electric’s stock price rose to 91.3 yuan after opening high. Although the selling pressure was adjusted in late trading, it still closed up 3.4% at 88.1 yuan, with a turnover of more than 10,000 pieces, providing support for the electronic components group.

Acer (3046), a subsidiary of Acer Group, entered the supply chain of the US charging stack service VOLTA Charging. Today, a large number of more than 16,000 copies were released. The stock price closed at the daily limit of 40.15 yuan, and led Acer (2353) to also close up 0.46%, while Acer today It also throws a brick to attract jade, a donation of 2 million yuan to aid disaster relief related to the Taitung earthquake.

Polaris Pharmaceuticals-KY (6550) was counted down, and it took a large number of more than 10,000 flyers to kill it today.. The stock price fell to the 5th line and broke the 200 mark. The intraday low was 190.5 yuan, and the final closing was 193 yuan, down 7.21%, dragging down all Yusheng Technology-KY (6550) and Luo Lifen-KY (6666) fell more than 5%, and Lamex (1795), Xinghui ( 1734), Guoguangsheng ( 4142), etc. also closed in black, dragging down the biomedical index by 2.94%.

The utilization rate of the ABF carrier board is still fully loaded. The Asian foreign investment repeated the purchase of Xinxing with a target price of 250 yuan. Today, Sanxiong joined hands to reduce the volume and resist the air. Xinxing (3037) rose 1.15%, Nandian (8046) rose 0.23%, Jingshuo (3189) closed flat at 105.5 yuan.

The Shuanghu Panel, which was favored by foreign investors last week, both fell today, with AUO (2409) down 0.83% and Innolux (3481) down 0.83%, dragging Caijing (6116) down 2.43%.

Xinhua (5274) and Da Liguang (3008) will fight hand in hand in the battle of stock kings. Among them, the highest and lowest 1,905 yuan and the lowest 1,875 yuan in the Largan disc, and the highest and 1,990 yuan and the lowest 1,850 yuan in the Xin Hua disc. The competition is fierce, and the end In the end, Largan received 1880 yuan and continued to be the king of the stock, and Xinhua received 1860 yuan and then wore the crown .

Taiwan stocks fell 0.15% last week, and foreign investors continued to be sellers, but they still add more panel stocks and continue to adjust financial stocks The overall share level fell below 40%; today, they sell more than 7.2 billion yuan. Analysts pointed out that last week’s KD was black for 4 consecutive weeks in the concentrated market, the KD value crossed down on the 9th, and the weekly and monthly KD values ​​fell at the same time. There is uncertainty still in the interest rate range and market reaction, and the operation should not be rushed. (Editor: Li Huilan)

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