Taiwan media “If only 3 Foxconn workers leave, iPhone production will drop by 30%”

Apple’s daily stock price trend on the 25th – Captured from Yahoo Finance

Local media reported that iPhone shipments may drop further as workers leave the factory in Zhengzhou, China, of Taiwanese Foxconn, which produces iPhones exclusively for Apple.

◇ 30,000 workers quit : Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on the 26th, citing a company source, that “Foxconn’s iPhone shipments this month may drop by up to 30% more than the company originally predicted.”

The Central News Agency also reported that 30,000 workers recently left Foxconn because of the New Company dispute. That’s more than Reuters estimates of 20,000.

As a result, disruption to iPhone production will be inevitable, the Korean Central News Agency said, and iPhone shipments will drop by more than 30% than originally expected.

For this reason, iPhone shortages are already happening before the Christmas season, the peak season.

◇ US users can’t get iPhone 14 even on Black Friday Reuters reported the day before that many shoppers looking for Apple’s newest phones returned empty-handed from Apple stores on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving, the biggest sale of the year).

An Apple store employee at a shopping center in Bethesda said, “The iPhone 14 series is almost out of stock.” Another employee at a store in Raleigh, North Carolina, also said, “The iPhone 14 Plus is completely sold out.”

Accordingly, users order the iPhone 14 online. However, even if you order online, you will receive it after a month.

An iPhone store employee said, “For online shopping, the waiting time for the iPhone 14 Pro is up to 40 days, and as the iPhone 14 series is sold out in Apple stores, more consumers are ordering iPhones on -line, which will increase the wait. time,” he said.

◇ Morgan Stanley “IPhone 14 may no longer ship this year” : Morgan Stanley, a famous investment bank on Wall Street, warned that “the iPhone 14 may no longer be shipped this year.”

Morgan Stanley published a report on the 24th and predicted this, saying, “The Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China, the world’s (central) iPhone manufacturing hub, is experiencing extreme labor-management conflicts.”

Morgan Stanley said, “The Zhengzhou Foxconn factory produces more than 70% of the world’s iPhones, and in particular, in the case of the latest iPhone, the iPhone 14, it is responsible for more than 80%. It will take time,” he explained.

◇ Apple shares fell 2% : This kind of news also affects Apple’s stock price.

On the 25th, Apple’s share price in the US stock market fell 1.96% from the previous trading day to $148.11.

Experts are unanimous in their opinion that if the disruption in iPhone supply and demand is prolonged, Apple’s stock price will fall further.

(Seoul = News 1)

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