Taiwan Railway drivers’ Mid-Autumn Festival holiday crisis remains unresolved Wang Cai: Will communicate with the union again next Wednesday – Life – Liberty Times e-newsletter

The crisis over the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday for Taiwan Railway drivers remains unresolved. Transportation Minister Wang Chai said that the Executive Yuan agreed in principle to the union’s demands and would communicate with the union again next Wednesday. (Photo by reporter Zheng Weiqi)

2023/09/15 10:18

[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Report from Taipei]The National Train Driving Industry Union recently issued a mobilization order to take legal leave and “no overtime” during national holidays such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. More than 99% of the drivers have stated that they will not attend work, and the Mid-Autumn Festival transportation may be affected. There are not many trains available. Minister of Transportation Wang Guocai said that yesterday Executive President Chen Jianren, Vice President Zheng Wencan, the General Accounting Office, the General Office of Personnel and other units held a joint meeting, and initially agreed to the various demands of the union. Currently, there is no record of the Mid-Autumn Festival transportation. I don’t think there will be a situation where I don’t work overtime.

The Taiwan Railway Union pointed out that the legalization of independent attendance allowance and welfare benefits such as wedding, funeral and education subsidies may be compromised due to the corporatization of Taiwan Railway, causing employee dissatisfaction. There are 1,461 Taiwan Railway employees, and about 1,452 signed a petition to protest, and Yesterday, a signed letter “No Overtime Work on National Holidays” was handed over to Taiwan Railway Director Du Wei.

Wang Guocai attended the unveiling ceremony of the Meteorological Administration today and was interviewed by the media. He said that yesterday the Executive Yuan had invited all units to discuss the opinions of the trade unions one by one. Whether it was the legalization of independent preparation and attendance, or the continued support of welfare improvement measures, they all agreed in principle. .

Wang Guocai said that he had asked Du Wei to express the conclusions of the Executive Yuan meeting to the Taiwan Railway Union yesterday. Although the union has not yet given up on the Mid-Autumn Festival, he has made an appointment with the union to communicate again next Wednesday morning. At that time, the union will respond to the Taiwan Railway’s demands for corporatization. Or if you have other suggestions, etc., both parties can sit down and have a good talk. I believe that both sides have the same goal of safety and good operation of the Taiwan Railway.

Regarding the union’s delay in letting go of the Mid-Autumn Festival attendance and whether the Ministry of Transportation has a plan for transportation, Wang Guocai said that it has not been filed. Yesterday’s Executive Yuan meeting agreed in principle with the union’s demands and will discuss it with the union next Wednesday. Regarding Taiwan’s The situation of railway transportation during the Mid-Autumn Festival is optimistic, and there should be no overtime work.

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