Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Charges, and Container Sanxiong sprays daily limit. Taiwan stocks rise 157 points to close at 17,371 points | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock Market Trend

The Nasdaq Index of US stocks continued to rise on Monday. Taiwan stocks turned their doubts after the Dragon Boat Festival today (15). Under the leadership of wafer duo and One Piece, they rose by more than a hundred points and stood at 17,300 points, passively Both components and TSMC-related supply chains performed very well, with the final index rising 157.77 points to close at 17,371.29 points, a new high since the end of April, with a transaction value of 433.107 billion yuan.

Foundry leader TSMC will go ex-dividend on the 17th and distribute a cash dividend of 2.5 yuan per share. Today, under the active influx of buying orders, it rose more than 1%, rushed to 609 yuan, and climbed to a new high in more than a month. Relevant supply chains are advancing simultaneously, including Creative, Hongsu, Photomask, Hantang, Jiadeng, Jingcai, etc., all of which have been favored by many investors. Among them, Hongsu has reached a maximum of 409.5 yuan, a record high in the past five months.

Electronic equity stocks attracted buying. UMC surged more than 3% to close at 53.7 yuan; Delta, MediaTek, Quanta, Silicon Power-KY, etc. also performed well. It is worth noting that Wivy, a large cloud server manufacturer under the Wistron Group, once surpassed the stop price of 1,050 yuan, and entered the Taiwanese daughter club for the first time, and closed at 992 yuan.

Passive components are welcoming the peak season of the third quarter, and operations are expected to rise to the next level. The leading manufacturer, Guoju, rose more than 5% during the intraday session, reaching a maximum of 525 yuan, leading the passive component group, including Huaxinke, Kaimei, Qilishin, Dayi, He Shentang, etc., their share prices strengthened simultaneously.

Due to the congestion of Yantian Port in Shenzhen, China, which led to the continued increase in freight rates, One Piece continued its bullish momentum today. Yangming, Evergreen, and Wan Hai Sanxiong all attacked the upward limit. Taihua Investment Control, Zhengde, and China Cabinet were also vigorous, simultaneously lighting up the daily limit , The overall turnover of transportation stocks accounted for nearly 40%.


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