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AI index stocks dived, and the index fell 61 points and fell below the monthly line (data photo)

[Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]As the market waits for the upcoming interest rate decision-making meeting of the Federal Reserve, the four major U.S. stock indexes all closed in the red on Monday. Taiwanese stocks, led by AI stocks and Apple concept stocks, slowly rose, with the index rising 60% in early trading. At the remaining points, the index reached 16762 points and stood on the 5-day line. However, the trend of TSMC was weak, and AI indicator stocks such as Wistron, Quanta, and Gigabyte turned black. The index turned from red to black, and ended up falling by 61.92 points and 16636.32 points. Breaking the monthly line, the trading volume was 278.3 billion yuan.

The top 10 trading volumes were all green. Under the regulation of legal persons, TSMC’s stock price fell by 2 yuan, closing at 538 yuan, with a turnover of 10.143 billion yuan, ranking first; Wistron fell by 2.6 yuan, closing at 98.4 yuan, with a turnover of 9.718 billion yuan, ranking first. 2nd; Huatong fell 0.7 yuan to close at 56.9 yuan, with a turnover of 9.688 billion yuan, ranking 3rd; Quanta fell 3.5 yuan, closing at 219 yuan, with a turnover of 8.869 billion yuan, ranking 4th; Zhiyuan fell 22 yuan, closing at the 4th place; 322.5 yuan, with a transaction volume of 6.936 billion yuan, ranking 5th.

Apple* fell 11 yuan to close at 360.5 yuan, with a turnover of 6.585 billion yuan, ranking 6th; Gigabyte fell 6.5 yuan, closing at 253.5 yuan, with a turnover of 5.873 billion yuan, ranking 7th; Huaxingguang closed at the lower limit of 128 yuan, with a turnover The sales volume was 5.543 billion yuan, ranking 8th; Qihong fell 15.5 yuan, closing at 278 yuan, with a turnover of 5.523 billion yuan, ranking 9th; Materials-KY fell 85 yuan, closing at 1,070 yuan, with a turnover of 5.01 billion yuan, ranking 10th.

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