Home Business Taiwan stocks fell below 17,800 points, foreign capital withdrawals of 42.4 billion yuan, three legal entities jointly sold over 45.286 billion yuan | Anue

Taiwan stocks fell below 17,800 points, foreign capital withdrawals of 42.4 billion yuan, three legal entities jointly sold over 45.286 billion yuan | Anue

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Electronic weighting stocks performed weakly today (19). TSMC, MediaTek, UMC, etc. pressured the index. The index once fell nearly 200 points. The monthly support was back tested, but the steel, cable, shipping and other ethnic groups were relatively supportive, driving the market decline Convergence, the final drop was 106 points to close at 17,789 points, foreign capital slashed 42.4 billion yuan, and the three major legal entities jointly sold over 45.286 billion yuan.

Taiwan stock market turnover shrank to 467.4 billion yuan. Observing the trend of the bargaining chip, after last Friday’s big sales of 22.5 billion yuan, foreign capital today withdraws a large amount of 42.411 billion yuan; investment letter sold more than 1.36 billion yuan; self-employed also sold more than 1.52 billion yuan. The total sales of the three major legal entities exceeded 45.286 billion yuan.

TSMC, the king of power, said it fell for two consecutive days after the meeting. Today it fell by more than 1%, reaching as low as 578 yuan and closing at 582 yuan. The market value is facing a 15 trillion yuan defense battle. The foundry UMC and the world have fallen by 2-3%. , Related supply chains such as Jiadeng, Fanxuan, Xinyun, Jingding, Jingce, etc., are also under heavy selling pressure. Major weighted stocks all fell. MediaTek plunged about 4%, Hon Hai and Delta Electronics fell 2-3%, and Formosa Plastics and Nanya also fell more than 1%.

The steel group is also favored by buyers. Due to the soaring nickel price, which drove up the price of Chinese stainless steel, Taiwanese factories are expected to operate in the third quarter. Zhangyuan, Yunqi, and Xingang all light up their daily limit today. Other steel stocks such as Yexing , Meiya, Juheng, Qian Xing Yunqiang, etc. also all hit the rising limit, and Sinosteel rose 0.7%.

Shipping stocks continued to attract capital to settle in. Yangming once rose more than 4% in early trading, but was adjusted in late trading and closed at a flat price of 188 yuan. Evergreen’s disposal transaction will soon be lifted, and the stock price still has a 4% increase. Wan Hai is also near the flat After sorting out, Wanhai and Evergreen will hold shareholder meetings on the 20th and 21st, respectively.

In the second quarter, solar system vendors and module factories were turbulently affecting the downstream pull of goods. Under the coordination of the government, the differences between the two parties were gradually resolved. The price increase dispute finally came to an end, driving the solar energy group to regain consciousness, and the stock price performance, including Danone and Guoshuo The daily limit was all lit, and multiple stocks such as Tai Chi, Yuanjing, United Regeneration, and United Regeneration also rose more than half of the limit.

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