Taiwan stocks plunged, and foreign-invested queen Cheng Shufen could raise three kinds of cheap stocks | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stocks News

Asian stocks fell heavily today (28), and Taiwanese stocks also plunged 360 points. Facing a record withdrawal of foreign capital this year (2022), Cathay Pacific Gold (2882-TW) Chief Investment Officer Cheng Shufen, who used to be a “foreign queen” in the past Today (28), Taiwan stocks are still estimated to have downside risks. Taking Cathay Pacific’s investment strategy, it is recommended that investors can allocate mature assets, or transfer short-term bonds to long -term bonds, and can choose the best for Taiwan stocks. The three categories of stocks are cheap.

Cathay Pacific Gold held an online conference on the third quarter “Economic Climate and Financial Situation” in Taiwan today. Program co-host Xu Zhiqiang said that inflationary pressures in various countries are high, and major central banks are forced to accelerating the pace of monetary policy tightening. After raising interest rates by 3 yds for the third time, according to the analysis of the dot matrix, it may increase by 3 yds in November and 2 yds in December. It was originally believed that the pace of interest rate cuts resume next year and may also be delayed until 2024. .

Affected by hawkish interest rate hikes, growing concerns about a slowdown in the global economy, global stock markets fluctuating and weakening, credit spreads widening, and the US dollar index also rose to a 20-year high. Xu Zhiqiang said that Taiwan’s stocks fell sharply today, mainly because of Taiwan’s profits from the United States. The gap continues to widen, Asian stock markets are facing the withdrawal of foreign capital, and Taiwan’s stocks cannot go outside.

Cheng Shufen also said that under the condition of a strong dollar, Taiwan and South Korea are the most likely to become ATM in Asia For Taiwan’s stock market, there will be a situation of “making big stocks and hurting big stocks” Taiwan. stocks Currently, the price-earnings ratio is 10 times and the price-to-book ratio is 1.6 times. Although the price-to-earnings ratio and the price-to-book ratio are reasonable , Taiwanese stocks are estimated to face downside risks due to the strong US dollar.

In terms of investment allocation, Cheng Shufen said that you can allocate mature assets, or transfer short-term bonds to long-term bonds; and for Taiwan stocks, you can choose three types of stocks, one is companies with good industries in the next two years. , from the right industry The right company is chosen; the second is a company with a good return on shareholders’ equity; the third is a stock that pays a dividend. The stock that pays a dividend that was thought to be very expensive before has fallen. to this price, and you can spend some time choosing the industry with development and value.For companies, now is the time to choose the best deals.

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