Taiwan stocks regained the monthly line, the three major legal entities bought more than 27.65 billion yuan, and foreign investors bought more than 26 billion yuan | Anue tycoon

Taiwan stocks opened higher today (22) and Quan Wang TSMC (2330-TW) led the side of the electronic group. Buyers also favored financial stocks.241.87 billion yuan. The three big legal persons bought on the same site, with a total purchase of more than 27.65 billion yuan, and foreign capital bought 26.2 billion yuan.

Observing the chip movements of the three major corporations today, foreign investors turned back and bought more than 26.253 billion yuan, and the 2 sales were terminated in a row; Shouxin continued to support Taiwanese stocks, buying more than 238 million yuan, setting a record of 23 consecutive purchases; self-employed traders bought more than 1.151 billion yuan, for Buying 2 in a row. The three big legal persons bought over 27.65 billion yuan in total.

TSMC regained the monthly line yesterday, and launched another offensive today.. It ended strongly by 3.09%, closing at 533 yuan, contributing about 130 points to the broader market; UMC (2303-TW), MediaTek (2454-TW), Quanta (2382-TW), Realtek (2379-TW), Advantech (2395-TW) and other electronic value stocks rose 1-2%.

The banking industry in the United States and Europe began a crisis one after another After the six major central banks of the world guaranteed liquidity, money also returned to financial stocks. Shares of Yushan Gold (2884-TW) rose 2% today.-TW ), Fubon Gold (2881-TW), Huanan Gold (2880-TW), CITIC Gold (2891-TW), Zhaofeng Gold (2886-TW), Development Gold (2883-TW), etc., all rose today more than 1%.

Recently, the rigid demand for PCs and TVs has rebounded, together with the blessing of AI server theme, the heat dissipation group has become one of the bullish indicators in the market today, and the dissipation duo Shuanghong (3324-TW) and Qihong (3017-TW) heat surged strongly More than 7%, Lizhi (3483-TW), Nidec Chaozhong (6230-TW), and Taishuo (3338-TW) three gears up to age shoots out the daily limit, and cooling stocks gather popularity.

Taiwan’s top ten gold stocks formed. Wang Xinhua (5274-TW) rose more than 3% to close at 2,800 yuan. Wiwynn (6669-TW) broke the daily limit in one swoop fall and closed at 1,085 yuan at the end, returning successfully to the ranks of thousands of gold stocks. In addition, Creative (3443-TW), Paradigm-KY (4966-TW) and AirTAC-KY (1590-KY) performed well and became very popular.

The performance of small and medium stocks is lively.Among them, the biotechnology stock Baorui (6472-TW) announced that the net profit after tax from January to February increased 3 times to 687 million yuan, and the net profit per share was 9.06 yuan, which encouraged the stock price to jump up and reach the limit of 595 yuan. , write a high record. Dong Ge Yachting (8478-TW) is aiming for the top yacht market. Its revenue is expected to grow at least 20% this year, and its contribution to profits will be secured in the future.


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