Taiwan stocks rose 257 points to re-enter the season line, the three major legal entities have bought over 4.692 billion yuan | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock Market Trend

Asian stocks are fully recovered. Taiwan stocks opened higher today (25) and rose more than 300 points during the intraday session. The highest reached 16,657 points. The monthly barrier was once recovered. Funds were transferred to electronics stocks. Leaded by wafer duo, IC Design, memory, passive components and other groups also became stronger. The final index rose by 257 points to close at 16,595 points, and successfully stood back to the quarterly line. The three major legal entities continued to be native and foreign, with a total purchase of over 4.692 billion yuan.

The trading value of the weighted index was enlarged to above 520 billion yuan. Looking at the bargaining chips, foreign investment continued to sell for more than 1.18 billion yuan; investment credit bought more than 1.382 billion yuan; self-employers bought more than 4.493 billion yuan simultaneously, and the three major legal entities bought more than 4.692 billion yuan in total.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. rose 2.6% to close at 583 yuan, a single-day market value surge of 388.9 billion yuan; UMC returned to the 50 yuan barrier, or 6.5%, to close at 51.9 yuan; Hon Hai, MediaTek, Delta, ASE Investment Control and other electronics Weight stocks also attracted buyers, rising 1-3%. Silicon Power-KY opened a gapped daily limit of 3675 yuan, but after the selling pressure was released, the daily limit was opened, and the final price rose 4% to close at 3490 yuan, stably ranking the top of the stock market.

Electronics stocks return to the mainstream, IC design stocks are still long indicators, Jinghao Ke pulled the second daily limit, reaching 128.5 yuan; other companies including Chihara, Pucheng, Youhua, etc. also light up the daily limit; SiS, Duntai, Related ethnic groups such as Liwang, Liji, and Phison are all gaining momentum. Memory module factory ADATA went straight to the daily limit price of RMB 102, Winbond, Team Group raised more than half of the daily limit, and Macronix, Nanya, and Apacer also increased by 2-3%.

The plasticization group has also returned to the bulls’ arms. Formosa Plastics and South Asia have soared by more than 3%. The popularity of the Taiju family has become more popular. The first quarter of the Taiju family has made bright profits. Together with the rising international oil prices, it has attracted buyers to settle in, and aggressively attacked the rise. The price of 34.45 yuan, regained the monthly line, Yaju and Huaxia also lit their daily limit, Delta Chemical rose by more than 5%, and the overall plastic stock index rose by more than 3%, and buying was booming.

The shipping, steel, and textile groups have pulled back. Wanhai, which has repeatedly hit sky-high prices, terminated its 5 daily limit, and slammed nearly 7%. Evergreen and Yangming fell by 4% and 2%, respectively. However, Farglory Port was bought. Favor, the daily limit is turned on against the trend, and Home Delivery also has an 8% increase. Sinosteel opened higher and lowered and fell nearly 3% to close at 34.45 yuan. Steel stocks such as Yexing, Chunyu, Zhonghong, Juheng, Qianxing, and Xinguang Steel were under heavy selling pressure.


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