Home Business Taiwan stocks stand at 17,300 points, foreign companies bought three three legal entities and bought more than 3.562 billion yuan | Anue

Taiwan stocks stand at 17,300 points, foreign companies bought three three legal entities and bought more than 3.562 billion yuan | Anue

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China’s power rationing turmoil expanded, and electronics stocks were weak today (27). The index once turned black and fell. However, the plasticizing and papermaking groups took advantage of price increases. The index rose by 53 points to close at 17,313 points. Foreign investors bought over 3 consecutive trading days, and the three major legal entities bought over 3.562 billion yuan in total.

The trading value of the weighted index is slightly enlarged, but it is still less than 300 billion yuan. In terms of observing the changes in the bargaining chips of legal persons, foreign investment continued to buy more than 3.855 billion yuan, which is a continuous three-buy; investment credit resale was 492 million yuan; self-operated businesses bought more than 202 million yuan, and the three major legal entities bought more than 3.562 billion yuan in total.

TSMC saw all the way around the flat market today, flicking its tail and turning red before the end of the game, closing at the highest of 602 yuan; electronic stocks such as UMC, Largan, ASE Investment Control and other electronic stocks fell more than 1%; stock Wang Xili-KY fell into long and short During the war, large orders flooded into the last set, and the stock price rose sharply to close at 4445 yuan, which was a high price.

It was reported that AMD and MediaTek were cooperating to attack the processor market for smartphones and laptops. Although MediaTek denied the news, MediaTek played a leading role in the market today and its stock price rose more than 4%. To close at 959 yuan, IC design stocks generally performed on the market. Jiuyang strongly attacked the rising limit, and Tongjia, Duntai and Lingyang also performed well.

The Chinese authorities have implemented a policy of “dual control of energy consumption”, and the production capacity of plasticizing plants will be reduced sharply due to power curtailment and work stoppages. The market is optimistic about raising the quotations of PVC and other products. Plastic strength rose by more than 5%, setting a new high in the band, and Taiwan Chemical rose nearly 2%. In order to reflect the cost of raw materials, domestic paper mills’ quotations in the fourth quarter rose, and the volume of three industrial papers soared. Huazhi and Yongfengyu continuously lit their daily limit. Rongcheng also rose sharply. The paper stock index rose more than 8%. Long indicator.

Observing the disadvantaged groups on the disk, the machine tool maker Airtac-KY was locked by the short side today and fell more than 7%. Shanghai Bank also fell by more than 3%. It is worth noting that South Korea’s WOORI HOMESHOPPING, Fubon Media’s second largest shareholder, declared the transfer of 3,800 shares last week, and Fubon Media’s share price hit the lower limit and closed at 1,765 yuan.

In addition, PCB factories were greatly impacted by the policy of dual energy consumption control. Today, they are generally adjusted. Jinxiang Electronics has plummeted by more than 7%, ABF carrier boards Sanxiong Xinxing, Jingsus, and Nandian have fallen by 2-4%. Jingpeng, Dingying, etc. are also under heavy selling pressure.

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