Taiwan Stocks /[Stociau Taiwan Poeth]Financial stocks are “exceptionally strong” today? Expert: Period of low financial base, stable profits attract capital inflows

The hottest topic of the Taiwan stock market today

“Is the financial laugh over financial support today?”, “Small and medium electronics are killing the financial industry!”


The performance of financial stocks today is relatively defensive, and has become a hot topic in the community (photo / recap from PTT)

“Double eight flavors are very heavy, how many frogs will the finance itself catch when it is bullish”, “Buy cash now and become the biggest winner”, “Financial help today”, “Baboon: Finance . .. the very last one Great…(Breathe breath)”, “It’s not good if the OTC collapses, and the financials that only draw stockholders are laughing to death!”

“Finance V”, “Finance is also very strong”, “Finance is not sure how much it has risen in the last few days, it should go down”, “Brainless finance is a sure win!”, It is said that it will collapse the last stick of finance “, “Electronic stocks are killing so badly that the financial index is still in the red!”

For hot topics among netizens … experts say so!

Period of low financial base attracting capital inflows

This wave of rising groups is clearly facing “profit-taking” selling pressure in the past two days, due to the economic situation this year, the whole stock market still shows a large range of shocks, especially since the index rose 13. % this year Last year’s low point also rose more than 20%, and technology stocks rose even more, so investors will start taking profits.

Profits this year are fixed and financial stocks can advance, attack, retreat or defend

Because the base period of financial stocks is low, and from the current stage, the financial systemic risk is gradually cooling, including today’s early trading, the US financial stocks also rose sharply, it can be said that the performance financial stocks are “in advance can attack and retreat “It can be kept”, because the stock market and the bond market have rebounded significantly today, and the profits of the financial industry will still be relatively stable.In in addition, the base period is low, and investment is relatively stable, which also attracts capital inflows.

It does not matter whether it is listed or listed on the OTC. This wave of rising groups has obviously weakened in the past two days, which has also caused the entire technology stock index to fluctuate in range. Overall, the index is still on the high side in the medium and long term, but is currently facing the impact before the long holiday, and will not have a chance to go up until after the holidays.

HOT台股專家 - 黃文清HOT台股專家 - 黃文清

HOT Taiwan stock expert-Huang Wenqing

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