Taiwan stocks washed up and down nearly 300 points, foreign capital bought 4 consecutive three major corporations to buy more than 10.403 billion yuan | Anue Juheng

TSMC’s stock price rose strongly, driving the Taiwan stock market to hit 18,500 points at the opening of today (14), but then there was selling pressure. The index once fell by more than 220 points, and the back-test was 18,200 points. Funds were returned in late trading, the decline quickly converged, and the index fell at the end. At 33 points, it closed at 18403 points, fluctuating up to 295 points, the three major legal persons bought a total of over 10.403 billion yuan, of which foreign capital has bought 4 consecutively.

Taiwan stocks held the 18,400-point level, and the 5th and 10th line were lost and recovered, and the transaction value was enlarged to 331.6 billion yuan. Observing the changes in the capital of legal persons, foreign investment exceeded 15.281 billion yuan, which was 4 consecutive trading days; investment trust bought more than 2.693 billion yuan; self-operated business continued to sell more than 7.568 billion yuan. The three major legal persons bought a total of over 10.403 billion yuan.

Inspired by the good news from the Fareo Report, TSMC’s stock price performed strongly today, rushing to 673 yuan at one time, and finally rose 1.66% to close at 672 yuan, and its market value climbed to 17.4 trillion yuan; MediaTek fell by more than 3%, Hon Hai, Delta, Electronic weight stocks such as Yageo also fell more than 1%.

Largan said yesterday that it will reveal its outlook for this year conservatively. Revenue in January and February is likely to decline month by month. The stock price hit the daily limit and closed at 2,140 yuan, putting pressure on the optical group. Yujingguang and Advanced Optical fell by more than half. Suspension, Yaguang, Jinguoguang, Jialing, Xinjuke, Lianyiguang, etc. all fluctuated lower.

Container Sanxiong and Aviation Duoxiong performed relatively strongly today. Evergreen broke out of the losing streak and turned red during the session. The rally gradually increased, and ended up nearly 5%. Yang Ming, Wanhai, China Airlines, and Evergreen Airlines also rose 1-2%.

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