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“Taiwan, the world’s most precarious place” analysis of leading British magazine

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▲ U.S. Navy John S. McCain ship passing through the Taiwan Strait

It is analyzed that Taiwan, where the US and China’s interests are conflicting head-on, is currently the most at stake in the world.

On the 30th, The Economist, a British current affairs magazine, commented on the situation, saying that the’strategic ambiguity’ that has controlled the US-China conflict in Taiwan is falling apart.

The U.S. has maintained an ambiguous attitude for decades that does not state an explicit position on Taiwan’s defense whenever Taiwan and China collide.

In particular, the ambiguity of refusing a clear position over whether or not to provide military assistance when Taiwan was invaded by China was the core of the strategy that stabilized China and Taiwan together.

Experts have interpreted this attitude of the United States with the aim of not provoking China but not giving Taiwan an opportunity to declare its independence.

However, after the inauguration of the Joe Biden administration, the US has deployed military assets in the Taiwan Strait to support Taiwan, raising the level of tension with China.

The Economist viewed this as a move for the United States to escape strategic ambiguity.

He analyzed that the change in the United States had reasons for concern about the loss of deterrence against China due to China’s military build-up.

China has launched 90 warships and submarines in the Taiwan Strait over the past five years, which is four to five times the military power deployed by the United States in the western Pacific Ocean.

In recent wargames (virtual war tests), scenarios in which US troops are defeated by Chinese troops invading Taiwan have begun to emerge.

(Photo = Provided by the US Pacific Fleet, Yonhap News)


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