Taiwan will open to free travel in the middle of next month at the earliest


Taiwan reported 42,212 new confirmed local cases of COVID-19 and 59 deaths yesterday, a decrease of 6.8% from last Thursday. The Central Epidemic Control Center announced that it will relax border control in two stages. The first stage of the relaxation measures next Thursday (29th of this month) includes the full resumption of visa-free entry, an increase in the maximum number of entries per week to 60,000, and cancel the same For the entry nucleic acid test, 4 rapid test kits will be sent instead, and the rapid test will be performed once on the first day of entry or the next day and the results are registered in the relevant system. If the epidemic remains under control and stability, the earliest date from the next month 13 is to implement the relaxation of entry quarantine from “3 + 4” to “0 + 7”, that is, to cancel home quarantine , conduct a comprehensive self-prevention, and raise the maximum number of visitors per week to 15 10,000 person times, open to tour groups and free entry, non-visa-free people can also go to Taiwan in the name of sightseeing; no symptoms at the time of entry, and they can take public transport.

However, people from the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao have other arrangements. The Mainland Affairs Council said yesterday that from next Thursday, people from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao will be open to requests to visit relatives, attend funerals and engage in business activities in Taiwan. That is, Hong Kong people still need to wait patiently if they want to “return to the countryside”, but I believe this day is not far away.

Regarding the entry guidelines for tour groups and independent travel, the Central Epidemic Epidemic Control Center said it would discuss the details with the Tourism Office of the Ministry of Communications. The entry conditions for tourists previously proposed by the Ministry of Transport include having 3 doses of the new crown vaccine.

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