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Taiwanese contest brothers home ticket price announced! Jerseys for admission, ticket price cuts for Game 7 | Sports | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

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Reporter Wang Yixiang / Comprehensive Report

CITIC Brothers formally completed 120 regular matches of this season yesterday, with a final record of 66 wins, 5 losses, and 49 losses, with a win rate of 0.574. They entered the championship as the first and first half of the year! After a whole year of hard work, we finally came to the final stage of the decisive battle. CITIC Brothers shouted the championship slogan “Light it up!”, vowing to make every fan smile and illuminate the baseball dream of the little players!

▲CITIC Brothers is the main vision for the 2021 championship. (Photo/Provided by CITIC Brothers)

Continuing the spirit of this year’s annual slogan “BRACE”: “BUILD” builds better Taiwanese baseball, “REGULATIONS” regulations and disciplines, “ATTITUDE” fighting attitude, the cohesion of the “COHESION” team, and the strength of the “ENTHUSIAST” fans. Each player has become a pillar, gathering the support of each fan! Continuing this spirit, the CITIC Brothers Championship slogan “Light it up!”, vows to ignite the brotherhood spirit of never giving up, go all out with the best attitude, make every fan smile, and combine with the China Trust Charity Foundation-” “Light Up a Life” was originally intended to illuminate the baseball dreams of the little players!

▲CITIC Brothers is the main vision for the 2021 championship. (Photo/Provided by CITIC Brothers)

This year’s championship game will again be played by CITIC Brothers and Uni-President 7-ELEVEn Lions. The traditional show “Lion Elephant Battle” will ignite the battle at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium on 11/27 this Saturday! In a seven-match four-win series, CITIC Brothers has four home court advantages, all of which are arranged at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium. The dates are G1-11/27 (Saturday), G2-11/28 (Sun), G6-12/ 4 (Saturday), G7-12/5 (Sun). Tickets for the home games will be open on 11/23 (Tue) 12:30 for 2021 Intercontinental Season Pass members priority purchase, 11/23 (Tue) 18:00 will open 2021 Mammoth Club and Elle Fan members priority ticket purchase, 11/24 (3) 12:30 open 2021 parent-child elephant members priority ticket purchase, 11/24 (Wednesday) 17:30 open CITIC Brothers co-branded card (need to reach the consumption threshold, the bank sends a qualification newsletter) ticket purchase, 11/25 (Thursday) 12 : From 30 onwards, ticket sales will be fully opened.

All pre-sale tickets for the CITIC Brothers’ home stadium for the Grand Championship are entered with “e-tickets”. Only the “CITIC Brothers Ticketing Network” and “CITIC Brothers Ticketing APP” are available for purchase. The Super Commercial Machine Station is not open for ticket purchase and ticket collection. Tickets are exhausted. The on-site ticket booth only provides ticket replacement services. If there are tickets available for sale on the same day, only online or APP purchases are available. Paper tickets are not sold on-site, and only cash is accepted. Fans and friends who want to buy tickets, please register as a member of “CITIC Brothers Ticketing Network” in advance to avoid failure to purchase tickets due to failure to receive the member certification letter of “CITIC Brothers Ticketing Network”. At that time, if there is no need to proceed for the tickets that have already been purchased, the ticketing system will automatically refund the tickets. To enter the venue with an electronic ticket, it is recommended to use the “ticket transfer” function to distribute the tickets to fellow friends to speed up the entry speed. Children must be accompanied by their parents when entering the venue. The QR Code is a dynamic anti-counterfeiting mechanism, and screenshots are not allowed. CITIC Brothers Pellet Group appeals not to buy tickets of unknown origin. Pellet Group shall not be responsible for any loss of rights and interests, and reserves the right of final interpretation.

For the fare, G1, G2, G6 infield hot zone is 1,980 yuan, infield general zone is 1,780 yuan, and outfield is 900 yuan. The infield ticket can be exchanged for “Light it up yellow / glory blue jersey” (G1 Yixin Yellow jersey, G2 glory blue jersey; G6 Southern District Yixin Yellow Jersey, Western District Glory Blue Jersey) one and one “Light it up wash mask”; the outfield ticket can be exchanged for one “Light it up support towel” and “Light” it up “washed mask” one. There will be no admission gifts for G7, and the ticket price will be reduced to 1,280 yuan for the infield hot zone, 1,080 yuan for the infield general zone, and 700 yuan for the outfield. Tickets are not divided into full tickets and half tickets. Discount tickets are only sold for handicapped tickets. Family seats will not be sold.

Thanks to the efforts of medical staff and the whole people, the epidemic in Taiwan has gradually slowed down, and the Chinese professional baseball matches have also resumed to allow 100% of fans to enter the game. Although the seats have been fully opened, strict epidemic prevention regulations are still adopted at the scene. Fans and friends are requested to cooperate. Those with a body temperature of over 37.5 degrees are not allowed to enter the venue. To enter, you must bring a photo ID, fill in a health declaration form, and eat and drink in the designated seat. They are not allowed to eat while walking or change seats at will. Masks are required during non-food and beverage periods. Stores in the stadium and off-site vendors will provide lunch boxes and beverages that meet the epidemic prevention regulations, and are conditionally open to bring in outside food. The relevant catering must be closed lunch boxes. Snacks and biscuits are not yet open. Please do not bring them in; related beverages must It is a lockable PET bottle and a closed lid. Easy-open cans are not yet open, so please do not bring them inside. Fans, friends, please be considerate and cooperate with relevant anti-epidemic regulations, enjoy a comfortable and secure watching environment, and cheer for CITIC Brothers together! Mai “Elephant” championship!

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