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Taiwanese President: “I have faith that the United States will defend if China invades”

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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said in an interview with CNN in the US that he had faith that the US would protect Taiwan if China invades Taiwan militarily.

President Tsai said, “We are working extensively with the United States to strengthen Taiwan’s defense capabilities,” and said he “really believes” that the US military will help defend Taiwan.

President Tsai’s remarks came six days after US President Joe Biden called for a backlash from China on the 21st when he said the US was ready to defend if China invades Taiwan.

The United States provides Taiwan with a means of self-defense under the Taiwan Relations Act and provides military support to Taiwan in case of emergency.

However, the US has been deterring China’s provocations with ‘strategic ambiguity’ that does not clearly state whether or not China will intervene militarily when it invades Taiwan.

President Tsai also confirmed the unusual fact that US troops are currently in Taiwan to help Taiwanese forces.

He didn’t say specifically how many Americans there are, but he said “not as many as you think”.

CNN explained that he was the first Taiwanese president in decades to confirm the presence of the US military.

The United States formally withdrew its troops from Taiwan when formal diplomatic relations were established with China in 1979.

However, as US-China relations deteriorated recently, some media reported that US troops were stationed in Taiwan.

Last year, the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry announced that U.S. troops were training in Taiwan, but then denied it again.

“The threat from China is growing every day,” Tsai said.

“If we do not keep this, the people will question whether democracy is really a value we have to fight to protect,” he said.

At present, there is tension in the waters of Taiwan.

Earlier this month, China conducted a large-scale military exercise around Taiwan with the largest number of fighter jets in history.

Following Donald Trump’s administration, the Biden administration is also provoking China by selling arms to Taiwan and sending high-ranking officials to Taiwan.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and adheres to a ‘one China’ foreign policy that does not recognize its sovereignty.

In such a situation, China has defined the visits of representative officials to Taiwan and invitations to international organizations to Taiwan as actions that harm ‘one China’ and is reacting sensitively every time.


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