Taiwan’s “0+7” entry quarantine will be implemented as soon as the 13th of next month

Passengers enter and exit through Taoyuan Airport.

The Taiwan Yuan Executive Committee held a meeting on Thursday (22nd) to discuss when to open the border. After the meeting, it was decided that the first step will increase the total number of entries to 60,000 per week from the 29th of this month, mutual restoration of visa exemption for different countries, and cancellation of entry collection. The deep throat saliva PCR test was changed to a rapid test, etc. The second phase intends to increase the number of people entering the country and other related measures, and the implementation time depends on the epidemic situation. Executive President Su Zhenchang expects the second phase to be implemented around the 13th of next month, with 150,000 people entering the country every week and the “0 + 7” measures ” for entry quarantine.

Su Zhenchang said that in the first step, in addition to increasing the number of immigrants, the 3-day isolation and 4-day self-isolation buildings will be opened for one person, one room, and rapid screening will be carried out on the entry. day and when the quarantine period ends on the third day; In response to preparations, the Ministry will take measures to adapt and convert. He also pointed out that the changes in the epidemic situation will be observed for a week after its implementation. If the research and the judgment are under control as expected, the “0 + 7” will have will be officially implemented after two weeks notice, and the second phase will also open visa-free countries to enter, and Lift the ban on tour groups.

In an exclusive interview with a radio program earlier on the same day, Wang Bisheng revealed that the “0 + 7” entry quarantine will be implemented before the middle of next month, and in response to tourists coming to Taiwan, eating out and transportation public open during the next 7 days of self-suspension. He also pointed out that the border PCR test will be changed to a rapid test, and incoming travelers will receive 4 doses of a rapid test, which will be used during the 7-day self-management period , and will also be open to free travel. , but the schedule has not yet been determined. Regarding the bilateral visa exemption provided by Taiwan to 66 countries in the past, he said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has resumed measures for 54 countries before, and the rest will resume; as for countries without reciprocal visa exemption, general visit and tourist visas. will be opened, while the land, Hong Kong and Macao regions To be assessed by the MAC.

The command center originally expected the peak of the epidemic to fall this week or next, but the number of new local cases on Wednesday (21st) fell by 6% compared to last Wednesday, indicating that it could the epidemic had reached its peak last week. Wang Bisheng said that it is necessary to observe for another week to determine whether the peak of the epidemic has passed. The pre-announcement of border opening measures for the public and the hotel industry to prepare. He also pointed out that the mask measures will be lifted later, but it will also be carried out in stages.


Entry quarantine “0+7” will be implemented as soon as the 13th of next month

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