Taiwan’s “long-term acting president” Su Zhenchang led the cabinet resignation and was once included in the list of “Taiwan independence” – BBC News 中文

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Su Zhenchang’s cabinet support hit a new low before the general resignation.

After Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party was defeated in the “nine-in-one” local elections, there were rumors of a cabinet reshuffle. Taiwan Premier Su Zhenchang resigned from President Tsai Ing-wen on January 19, and the new cabinet will begin adjustments during the Lunar New Year.

After Su Zhenchang finished discussing the central government’s general budget in the Legislative Yuan that afternoon, he hugged and took a group photo with the lawmakers present. During the period, he did not speak publicly. Then he went to the Palace Presidential to meet with Tsai Ing-wen for an hour. In the evening, he announced the news of his resignation on Facebook. The relevant decision is “it is in the interest of the President to establish a new centre”.

He revealed in the article that the Democratic Progressive Party had resigned twice on the night of its defeat in the “nine in one” election last year. To persuade him to stay, he said that he understood that if he resigned and ignored him, the central government’s budget considered by the Legislative Yuan would be withdrawn. Therefore, under the political turmoil, “he had no choice but to persevere, withstand the ridicule, and stabilize the speed of the administrative team. ” Now that the budget has been passed, the Executive Yuan has also introduced 16 measures for the benefit of the people, and the political situation is stable He resigned from the Premier to create a new situation.

Later, Tsai Ing-wen posted a post on Facebook to thank Su Zhenchang for leading the administration team. She described Su Zhenchang’s tenure as a “passive shame” to support the administration team, allowing her to focus on foreign affairs, national defense, and trans-. strait issues, and under pressure to pass the Affirmative Marriage Act, open “Beautiful Pigs”, “beautiful cows” and Japanese food imports, reform the military service system, and keep African swine fever and epidemics at bay.


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