Taiwan’s president resigns as leader of the ruling party after the party loses local elections

Taiwan’s president resigns as ‘ruling party leader’ after party loses local elections

On November 26, the BBC reported that Ms. Tsai Ing-wen, the President of Taiwan. resigned as leader of the current Progressive Democratic Party (DPP) government. After the party lost the local elections to the Kuomintang Party (KMT), the opposition won battles in several areas on Saturday, November 26, including Taipei, the capital

This vote attracted worldwide attention. As Taiwan becomes a bigger geopolitical hot spot between China and the US, As President Tsai frames the election as a democratic vote, amid rising tensions with China

“The election results did not meet expectations… I should bear all responsibility. And I am resigning with immediate effect from the leadership of the CPD. ”President Tsai who will still be the president of Taiwan interview with reporters

Theoretically Local council and mayoral elections focus on domestic issues. It deals with issues such as crime, housing and social welfare. And the election will not speak directly on Taiwan’s policy on China.

However, President Tsai and government officials urged voters to use the election to send a message about standing up for democracy. As China increases pressure on Taiwan

In addition to the election, a referendum was held side by side on the issue of lowering the age of the voter from 20 to 18. It seemed that voters rejected the reduction.

The Chinese government sees Taiwan as a separate province. and will one day be part of China But many Taiwanese people consider that Taiwan has its own form of government and democracy. Tensions reached a peak in August. When China held military drills around Taiwan in protest against a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island.

The US has long crossed the line over Taiwan. Although it has no official relations with Taiwan But it also promised to provide weapons to defend Taiwan and reiterated that any attack by China would be a “serious concern”

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